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Rita Ora - Phoenix (Greatest Hits)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Melodee, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Hoping the good sis Halsey comes through with a drag so we can propel this issue into being big enough for them to discuss it. I can't believe no one on her team said anything but then again she's signed to the same label as Bhad Bhabie so like... yeah.
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  2. Of all 4 it should have been Charli who should have pulled the plug on the fauxsbian undertones. Or overtones.
  3. Bebe sounds like she's been visiting Shania's vocal coach.
  4. I bet they didn’t expect this to get any backlash kii
  5. Which is what baffles me honestly. Like how out of touch are you?
  6. Charli is probably the most aware of the social climate and would be the most likely of the people on the track to realize that they need to change all the lyrics but I wouldn't consider her to be someone great at identifying when something's problematic either.

    From what she's saying, it sounds like some of the people who didn't stay on the song bowed out voluntarily which probably means people like Starrah saw the direction the song was going in and didn't want to stay involved.
    I still don't understand how no one involved on Rita's team saw any problem with the song in the first place and then having Rita go out and give every media outlet her talking points about how the song has nothing to do with sexuality or gender.
  7. It’s a bit funny that Rita said she wanted her own ‘Kiss a Girl’ type song just weeks after Katy acknowledged it’s problems.
  8. I rushed here after the hearing the chorus on first listen because I could practically hear the collective dragging, and y'all did not disappoint. Why Charli why?
  9. Lesbian Jesus has spoken:
  11. I love Hayley.
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  12. Hayley is a treasure.
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  13. Any chance this gets pulled if the backlash becomes big enough? Rita needs to focus on something better and more distinct for her long awaited R2turn.
  14. Yeah as I said before, this song is so far beneath everyone on it (yes, even Bleta) that it’s subterranean, and not just lyrically. I’m already anticipating when the promo for it ends and it just becomes a bad memory.
  15. I think this is about to blow up into a big thing.

    Honestly, it’s always been a mess waiting to happen.
  16. It might've went under the radar if Cardi wasn't on it, but it's definitely gonna blow up now and I don't have much faith that the people who didn't see a problem before are going to handle this issue well.
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  17. This screams of “old man at the label thinks this is a hit”. Rita should denounce it and give it up and let it flop.

    Though it’s the perfect 4th single for the alb... oh wait.
  18. I'm still perched for Summer Love's release in October.

  19. Butttt Rita is the 'old man' here. She's been championing this since years ago.
  20. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Rita, as loveable as she is, does seem a bit messy.
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