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Rita Ora - Phoenix (Greatest Hits)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Melodee, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. We are not going to do this.
  2. Why can I hear Mortal Kombat "Finish Him" in my head as the possibility of @ohnostalgia committing a murder is becoming more likely to happen.
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  3. R92


    This is such bullshit.

    These damn millennials and their labels. Wtf is a “woman” anyways?
  4. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    @yearone is the 3rd member in the last 2 days to be banned from this thread.

  5. I'm dying every time someone new comes in here trying to defend this song, there's always that "oh..." moment where they say something that makes you realise you've just wasted 20 minutes trying to reason with that type of person.
  6. R92


    This thread is a dirty computer. It needs to be cleansed.
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  7. Well my work meeting spared this one. Thanks @2014 !
  8. Can the thread title be renamed ‘please stop talking over queer women’s voices’?
  9. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    me right now

  10. How is the concept of allowing queer women to feel how the feel going over so many peoples heads? You're allowed to feel a certain way as a gay man too, but you can't use it to negate other people's feelings and experiences on this topic.

  11. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Maybe when the dust has settled she'll tweak future tour performances of Girls to get rid of the problematic lyrics; I guess part of the reason Rita, Cardi and Bebe haven't backed down is because they still have a song to promote, if they all went "oh shit we fucked up" they wouldn't be able to go out and perform it (I'm presuming we'll get at least one performance of all four of them together) and save face at all.
  12. The only damage control they could make right now would be a real apology + a new version with some different lyrics... and while we're there also maybe give it a nicer production... oh yeah a melody too.
    You know what forget it.
  13. Already dropped out of the top 20 in the midweeks, and looks set to be her lowest charting single when it charts on Friday. Which is a bit of a disaster considering the whole point of this collab was to try and get an easy hit. Pop justice indeed.

    She just needs to move on from this mess now.
  14. Yeah, this single needs to fucking die.
  15. Or better still, until the next album. I think we all need a couple of years out, after this fiasco.
  16. Atlantic executives right now
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  17. The thing I keep coming back to is that this is the hill Rita chooses to die on.

    Strip away all the controversy, and the song isn't able to stand on its own two feet as a single, even when it is propped up by a zeitgeist feature. We all anticipated the sour reception to the song's content, as far back as last year, so it seems baffling that not only did no one intervene, but they staked her entire campaign on it.

    I'm not negating anyone's feelings regarding the lyrics, but the song almost feels too laughably half-baked and poorly written to even warrant the magnitude of comments and articles it has received.

    The whole project is just one big ill-conceived, ill-executed idea, and everyone concerned has blundered so insensitively through the resulting controversy, that I just want the entire thing to disappear as quickly as possible.
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  18. (I'm kinda curious to see if the video will be even more problematic. If they wanna set everything on fire, they better go all the way)
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  19. Didn't Bebe say the video was going to be about them kissing themselves? It's going to be a mess.

    It also looks like she had asked Cara to be in the video at one point.
  20. It’s kind of difficult to tell if she something is flopping these days; I know it’s going to miss the top 20 first week but is that a big deal in the age of streaming? I thought most things started low and climbed nowadays. I can (unfortunately) still see this being a relatively big hit in the UK, it has radio support it seems.

    I just want it to die within the next few weeks so she can chuck out the studio version of either Summer Love or Soul Survivor and we can all forget this happened.
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