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Rita Ora - Phoenix (Greatest Hits)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Melodee, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Interesting... There's so much to unpack here. But i'm gonna leave it alone.
  2. Well, I'll get stuck in. Cara was not having it and the fact that Rita wasn't able to see that and even shared their exchange of her being turned down is... worrying. Just how tone deaf is she?
  3. haha yeah, that's how in the Relationships thread someone shares a story about how a guy is doing them dirty and everyone can see it except for the poster.

  4. Fucking @ me next time
  5. "Cara do you want to be part of my video? You only need to kiss Bebe and Cardi while looking sexy to a group of guys who pretend to be skaters at Venice Beach"
    "No Rita, I'd rather listen to the whole Bebe discography than kissing her"
    "Ah right it's the day after the Met Gala, you'll probably be wasted" *wink wink*

    Hate to be so negative but my esteem of her just dropped dead in the last few days
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  6. I watched her Instagram live in the week leading up to Girls, she said something along the lines of ‘it’s taken me ages to get my label to understand my vision, I’m so excited’ or something like that. I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for her because she definitely thought this was going to be massive didn’t she, I get the impression her label must have had doubts.
  7. RJF


    Hiding behind the "forced to come out" narrative is so disgustingly transparent. Like... wow.
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  8. I wonder what vision she's talking about since the song wasn't written by her and she's stated that she isn't bisexual.
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  9. I've never liked Rita Ora, but I'm less apt to take pleasure in her downfall as she's dragging Charli XCX along to Club Flopicana. I wish Charli hadn't taken part in this, but she probably saw it as an easy way to score a hit single - or just release an actual single with a video.
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  10. Based on the early credits and the way she's spoken about this song, I actually believe she helped write it unlike, for example, 'Your Song' which was explicitly written by Ed Sheeran for her. But that's what makes this whole thing so bewildering. If this was just a case of someone playing her a bunch of songs, her picking this one, and then deciding she was going to reinterpret the lyrics in her head as being completely different than they what they are, it wouldn't make the situation any better, but her (lack of a) thought process would be somewhat comprehendible.

    What actually seems to have happened is just beyond. She helped write the song and awkwardly included lyrics that appear to be about Cara Delevingne and then she recorded it with Charli and whoever else until she came away with a finished product that she thought was good enough to be her lead single. When they got a song from Ed Sheeran that everyone could agree was better, they shelved it but she personally kept fighting for it despite deciding that the only fact of the song she was willing to talk about was that there are other female singers on it. When it was finally released she decided that she considered anything else to be "digging too deep" and that it was "narrow-minded" to ask if the song that she's repeatedly described as important to her and where she sings about being bisexual and never hiding it, reflects her sexuality. How does someone who's not only heard the song more than one time, but was somewhat involved in its creation, disassociate so completely from the words in it?
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  11. ...how am I just finding this out now
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  13. You're kidding right? Charli is basically the president of Club Flopicana.
  14. Rem


    Mess at this thread hitting nearly 500 pages and everything coming crashing down.
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  15. [​IMG]

    This was my honest to God expression when I read your wicked misguided lie.
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  16. But there are many people who would say queer is just a word and that Offset is just a singer whose personal views on homosexuality "shouldn't" bother people because "not accepting someone isn't the same as hating them" or something else dishonest like "there are bigger issues".

    If Rita's problematic exploitation of women who love women shouldn't matter, then why should Offset's statement he doesn't accept gay people? Both are harmful in very tangible ways yet you seem able to only grasp one as harmful.

    Edit - Whoopsies, they can't even reply anymore ddd.
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  17. Ddddddddddd I love her but it’s true
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  18. Club Flopicana, careers are free
    Bops that flop, there's enough for everyone
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  19. This is a sweet thing she did at the show last night I believe.
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  20. Stop making me feel conflicted, FIRO!
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