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Rita Ora - Phoenix (Greatest Hits)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Melodee, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Rita Ora causing that level of paparazzi pandemonium is....not realistic. Come through with that big budget tho.
  2. Definitely feeling radiated by the video, but why are her vocals so much louder than the instrumental on the last chorus?
  3. It's the radiation setting in.
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  4. I like the video shifting the message of the song, but I'm seeing a trend of videos being uploaded with the demo/unmixed versions of songs and... I have questions.
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  5. Giving me those "Everytime" teas ddd

  6. I like the video, hope that it does well for her. Personally I am ready for some new music though.
  7. Oh wow, the hat with their initial! Amazing reference!
  8. Rita courting a fanbase with nothing to consume but ready to do so? Ugh her mind.
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  9. Unfortunately it seems like they’re not putting much behind this and it’s out to coincide with the tour. It hasn’t really been playlisted on Spotify (was on very few NMF playlists and so far no Hot Hits or Today’s Top Hits, only Pop Rising), or radio it seems. There’s likely going to be a big label and streaming push behind the Sofia song with her and Anitta (all are Warner) out next Friday. (They already shot a vertical video for Spotify).

    It’s such a shame because this is probably my second favorite song on the album and hit worthy to me, and presumably the last single.
  10. It’s been out less than a week.
  11. LP


    Has the setlist for the Phoenix World Tour been discussed ? There is no Velvet Rope or Falling to Pieces. What the ?!
  12. I'm awful but when the paparazzi appeared outside of the diner my first thought was "who did they see in the diner???". Song still cute.
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  13. The video doesn't exactly look cheap though, there's definitely some effort gone into it, which I can't imagine they'd have bothered with if it was just a cute little extra for the tour, they'd have just done something in a studio. The main reason I imagine it's not been added on many playlists is because most of them already added it ages ago on album release week, so there's not going to be any particular rush to put it back on, I'm sure they'll add it in a few weeks. It's the same as Little Mix, the new version of Think About Us didn't get added right away.
  14. SERIOUSLY?!?! What is that woman smoking?
    Having just seen the set list, she has no business including Soul Survivor, Hell Of A Life and a COVER of a Smiths song over Falling To Pieces & Cashmere!
  15. I'm surprised Falling to Pieces and Cashmere didn't make the setlist.

    Hell of a Life though. Sis.
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  16. I agree and that was my thought as well. But at the same time seeing what happened with the album campaign when For You came out (and also just in general) makes me think between this being delayed and the big push it seems will be going into the Sofia collab next week, that this could get left behind. And honestly someone I know who usually has info is pretty much under that impression so that’s also why I’m leaning that way. I hope that turns out to not be the case though, I know it’s only been a week, because I love this song.
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    The video pops off to be honest.
  19. I like the video but... I don't get it.
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  20. I can believe that they might not have any TV promo lined up, but I'm sure they'll at least try and push it as far as they can on streaming/radio.
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