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Rita Ora - Phoenix (Greatest Hits)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Melodee, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. It should be a cute hit, but my main worry is that Hot Hits UK won’t re-add it.

    Already up to B list on radio 1 by the way.
  2. She told the audience in Brisbane she was recording the performance of Only Want You visually for a streaming service that wanted an exclusive video. (She was also filming footage for an unknown purpose in Vegas and Mexico around the time of the music video shoot). So hopefully it’s a vertical video for Spotify and they add it to the big playlists. She also possibly recorded a Spotify Sessions (she was in their studio in NY in January) so hopefully more streaming support is on the horizon after all.
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  3. She did a Spotify Session for sure, it must be coming soon. She performed Let You Love Me and Only Want You.
  4. The devil works hard, but Rita Ora's management sister works harder.
  5. Her Sofia Reyes collab is out there. Very catchy and cute bop.
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  7. So good. Video is out there too and it's stunning.

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  8. Generic but make it a bop.
  9. Both the song and vertical video are on Today’s Top Hits already. They’re the cover of a number of New Music Friday playlists as well, including the US (second song). Big push starting.
  10. Two songs called R.I.P.? An “I Got You / I Got You”, “Fashion/Fashion!” tea
  11. Wow I listened to the whole thing through and didn’t hear Rita once. It wasn’t until I watched the video that I realised when she was singing, doesn’t really sound like her in most parts.

    Anyway I don’t like the song at all, won’t be returning to it.
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  12. The song is shit, so of course it will be Reet's biggest smash in all US territories.
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  13. RIP is cute. I'm here for Rita conquering the Latin American market next.
  14. Whoever decided to rhyme bullshit with Cool Whip... should refrain from doing so again.
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  15. That collab is a bop. Multilingual icon!
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  16. I think I might stan.
  17. That video is good but the editing is abysmal. The random translations popping up at the bottom for Annita etc make no sense.
  18. A bop. I mean, the song is more or less just as annoying as 1, 2, 3 so I can see it smashing.

    It's crazy how their voices are blended together to the point you can barely tell them apart. They even switch mid line and it still sounds like it's just one singer? Weird.

    I think they'd make a great girl band ddd
  19. I had no idea who Sofia Reyes was, but she didn't hold my attention as Anitta and Rita stole the video. True superstars, in that sense.
  20. The collab is a bop indeed. I just hope Only Want You isn’t paid dust because of it
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