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Rita Ora - Phoenix

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Melodee, Jan 30, 2014.

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  1. So Rita has pulled out of her Bedford Park show and has been replaced by Tom Odell, Tom Walker and Louisa Johnson.
  2. Ritual up 8 to a new peak of 41 this week. Not exactly a smasha but maybe it'll keep growing on the plebs.
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    waiT is she releasing New Look too? I'm gagged.
  4. So I haven't listened album in months, and listening it now, it's much better than what I remember... I was disappointed when it was released because she set the bar with Your Song, Anywhere, Lonely Together... And nothing immediately caught my attention. Releasing Only Want You as single made me pay attention to it, and now i LOVE it. I'm glad she's still milking this era,and releasing other singles,after such a long break, she is treating us well with music.

    Like someone here said, she's not the girl that I check, watch clips, follow on IG, but whenever she has new music out I am excited and I listen to it. It brings me joy. She works hard, she deserves success.
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  5. In the Dutch Top 40, Ritual is up to 6 this week, I suppose the Tiesto link helps her over here! Rightly os, it's a bop
  6. It's 14 in the actual Dutch singles chart. The one it's #6 on includes airplay and "social media trends"
  7. Whether it's 6 or 14, I'll still be identifying as Dutch for the foreseeable future until it makes the UK top 10.
  8. Ready for Phoenix: Rising from the Ashes edition which is the deluxe version with 6LACK's Only Want You, Big Yellow Taxi, Ritual and Carry On added. Give us something to bombard our friends and family with at Christmas Ms Ora.
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  9. Her hustle is impressive and I respect that. Ready for Phoenix reloaded (if it sold enough?) to serve more bops.
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  10. I’m not sure if they’d feel it’s worth doing that. But they did film her show at the O2, so that could be coming?

    I guess I’m just surprised New Look might be a single at this point. They didn’t do any promo for Only Want You, it was just kind of out alongside the start of the tour. So now 5 months later and 3 features later, maybe it’s just me, but it just seems kind of odd without anything additional. It seemed like they were done with singles.
  11. She needs to start paving the way for her third album (due 2020 2022 2023), so it’s about time to get a new bop or two.
  12. Yeah I really didn't expect another single, but 'New Look' is a huge bop. Hopefully it gets handled a lot better than 'Only Want You'.
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  13. Video on Monday.
  14. She will not let this album die. It’s cool but a) New Look isn’t really single worthy and b) if she wants further singles, surely a hyper deluxe edition should be released (although a brand new album would be better)
  15. I'm genuinely shocked they're doing another single/video, especially 5 months later.

    It's one of the best songs on the album and easily the most single worthy track left though, so I'm not mad. Hopefully it'll get on Hot Hits to at least give it a fighting chance, unlike last time where they wasted 2 months worth of being on there only to push the song weeks after it had been removed.
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  16. Also, Capital, what's good? Ritual is the 3rd Rita single in a row they haven't played.
  17. I’m wondering if it’s maybe not exactly a single and she’s just doing this to keep pushing content? She didn’t really mention it being the new single as usual, just the video is out Monday.
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    New Look is a perfect single? I think used right it could be another nice moderate hit for her.
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  19. I mean, if it took 4 years for me to get my second record out you better believe I would milk the shit out of it
  20. At this point, New Look should have already been a single and Hell Of A Life would be better or Cashmere.
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