Rita Ora - "Praising You (feat. Fatboy Slim)" + You & I (Jul 14)

This feels like she's listened to what people really liked and connected with during Phoenix and continued that sound and it really works. The only thing I don't love is the chorus being a bit flat melody-wise - actual lyrics would have helped. But this bops.
I would love to know how this video was pitched and what went wrong. It's a damn mess. Horrible direction, every shot feels like an outtake.

The only redeeming quality is the make-up shots that steal directly from VB's iconic Let Your Head Go.
I kind of wish I never watched the video because the song is somewhat ok and now after viewing the video whenever I listen its going to be engrained in my mind how messy it looks.
She looks gorgeous in the video, but some of the shots are just so bad, why so many random bridesmaids closeups??.

Why do they try and stuff concepts like this into a 2 minute song ddd.

Can we get a Taika honeymoon directors cut instead Mogul??
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I’m liking the single. Agree it sounds like some of the better tracks from Phoenix but that is no bad thing. She is on The One Show saying it’s all about the music this year and an album and tour to follow - time will tell as each time she flops we seem to lose an album/era. Fingers crossed she gets a hit this time.
I'd normally drag an artist for a lack of progression or "dated" sound, but with her she can keep it coming. I've loved all the singles since 2014, we can stay at that level. She also seems to be having fun with it.