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Rita Ora is a British singer (of Kosovan descent) who is signed to RocNation. She has been predicted by many to be one of the big names of 2012. Without releasing a single song, she already has a solid fanbase and over 30k followers on twitter.

The Roc Nation machine is now starting the Rita Ora movement. She's released a cover of OutKast's 'Hey Ya' which has been a hit on the net, WATCH

She is featured on DJ Fresh's new single out in February, titled 'Hot Right Now'. The video premiered yesterday, WATCH

She is also getting prepared to shoot the video for her debut single titled, 'Party and Bullshit'.

The people she's worked on this album has been an amazing list,
Makeba Riddick
Tricky Stewart
Chase & Status
Ester Dean
Toby Gad
Kanye West
Aundrea Martin
Ruth Anne Cunningham
James Fauntleroy
Makeba Riddick
The Ting Tings

Roc Nation have invested a LOT of money into her, so I think they are expecting her to be massive.
Many have said that she's going to take over Rihanna's spot haha.
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She literally has worked with everyone, she seems really down to earth, great voice and she's british. Hopefully the music is good
i don't think she'll take over Rihanna. Rihanna is already established and has a sound now.

I feel like with Rita we don't know her sound yet.
mylesofsmiles93 said:
Shychild90 said:
Heard about her a few years back. Glad to see she's featured on this track.
Yeh what has taken so long for her to finally be pushed into the limelight?

It has taken them ages hasn't it?! She's been signed since 2009 but I'm glad it finally looks like it is happening for her.

I can only hope that the reason they have waited so long is because they want this launch to be perfect and are expecting Rita to become massive?
Rita Ora - EPK

A good video to watch if you want to find out more about Rita! She confirms that the main collaborators on this album are The-Dream, Will.i.Am and Drake!

You can also hear one of her songs in the background! I hope it's called 'R.I.P.' - that would be an amazing title!

R.I.P. to the girl you used to see
Her days are over
Interesting list of collaborators. A 'Good, Bad and Ugly' list could easily be made.

Suggestions for 'Good': Chase & Status, Kanye

Suggestions for 'Ugly': Ester Dean, Will.i.am
Have been waiting for her to release her material! Way overdue!

Heard the new DJ Fresh single a couple of weeks back. Love it naturally.
I wonder if this Bonnie Mckee demo is 'Party and Bullshit'? LISTEN

It's not what I imagine Rita's music to sound like, but it does sound like it would be called "Party and Bullshit"
We can add Fraser T Smith and Chris Loco to the production list of this album. Chris Loco tweeted that he's made a great song with Fraser T and Rita that we should hear soon.

Also Rita tweeted about having a meeting with Kanye West regarding something special! Wonder what it is!!
She's worked with a lot of people hasn't she!! I really like the sound of her voice so hopefully she'll blow up in a big way.
Rita has everything a pop star needs. Hopefully she is the big star of this year.. because she deserves it! Apparently she's already shot the video for Party and Bullshit.. so it shouldn't be long until we get it. I think they will see how 'Hot Like Now' does.. then properly launch her April/May time.
Wow, she's really promising, isn't she? I hate the fact that she seems to be associated with fucking will.i.am though (everything he touches seems to turn to poo), but Kanye, Drake The-Dream and Fraser T. Smith are quite a big deal. I can't wait to hear more from her!
For some reason, I see her sounding a lot like Talk That Talk Rihanna. Which isn't a bad thing, in my eyes. I think it's because of the Stargate tracks she's had playing in her teaser videos: they sound like Roc Me Out and Talk That Talk.