Rita Ora - You & I

''instead of dancers we thought we'd use mannequins!!''


I genuinely don't understand the reasoning behind making this, but it's a scream this this song now has technically has 3 videos.
I'm really shocked how badly this has done, I thought UK hunties would have been popping iodine tablets by now. Not even scraping the Top 200 is a disaster.
There just seems to be zero interest in her, and I think her team thought the video/s and the Eurovision was enough to secure a hit. The music hasn't been an issue, they're all fine serviceable bops. I honestly think it's a profile thing with her, it felt like she was everywhere during Phoenix hitting the promo circuit often, but because of her other commitments outside the UK she's not been able to do that, or wanted to.

It's almost like she's a brand new artist that needs to break out and she and her team have to have the commitment to want to do that. Is it worth it just for UK success?
I do wish the original mix or remix beefed up the production to off a bit more/harder.

But it really is surprising that this isn't smashing.