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Rita Ora.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Melodee, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Now would have been the perfect time for a god damn album.
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  2. I bet her team is pushing for a performance at the BRITS and hopefully her album will be out by then.
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  3. The usual amount of streaming data is missing which is just one day behind
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. What an amazing performance. I also loved the X factor performance. Both very different but they both work well with the song. She is also gorgeous.
  6. I felt I was reading an old The Saturdays' thread
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  7. But people were talking about a good live performance on the same page?
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  8. LGBTQIRA with that last chorus. Queen.
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  9. Can she just go to one less movie premiere or fashion show and get an album out? Do it for the fate of pop.
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  10. Truly I think her team messed up by not realizing the potential ANYWHERE had and drop an album along with it.
    Early next year she might secure a #1 record but what about sales? I dont think the chart position matters as much as sales for a project that has been delayed for so many years.


    Experience taught me that the whole 'they might have an amazing and unexcapable third single lined up' never comes to happen so if her next single is indeed that GIRLS song... I doubt it will ride as high as anywhere
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  11. We don’t deserve one.
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  12. I think they’re just going to wait and see if this (and/or Lonely Together) can be a last minute hit in the US before officially making it a territory specific release.
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  13. @SomeGirl do you think she got a last minute AMA performance slot?
  14. (For Lonely Together). I mean they’re still announcing performers, and Universal seems to be getting slots for the rest of their songs so I suppose it’s possible. It’s in the 200s on iTunes, apparently in the 50s at Radio, and they have the Snapchat filter. So if they’re not getting her and Avicii some kind of performance they’re wasting their and her time. But I also still think it’s possible she’s hosting.
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  15. The staging was lovely, but I just can't get on board with Rita Ora, Live Performer. It just never works for me.
  16. I have been waiting for this comeback for ages and I'm so happy it's going well for her. Got my ticket for the Glasgow show and can't wait but can't cope with how far away the album is.
  17. Who would have thought Rita bloody Ora would release one of the best pop songs in 2017?
  18. You misspelled "two".
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  19. 'Your Song' is a little bit basic though, the Ed Sheeran touch.
  20. Fuck, Rita is only 3k behind Camila. A discount is definitely needed now, as mentioned!
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