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Rita Ora.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Melodee, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Dddddddddddddd.
  2. Charli XCX, Raye, and Bebe Rexha confirmed for Girls!
  3. I think the third artist was Rita. kii.
  4. I saw this tweet earlier but didn’t make the connection BYE
  5. Cardi B cancelled.
  6. She said “talented”.
  7. She said on Big Top 40 the album comes out end of March.

  8. I think it's really coming this time guys

  9. But we need the audience to be able to pre-order the album to believe it's real
  10. So I’m guessing it’s the 23rd or 30th of March then if it’s happening.

    Mercury Prize is already shaking.
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  11. My birthday is on the 26th March.

    Gimme that early birthday present bop album, queen!
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  12. I don't get how For You is tanking SO badly on Spotify.
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  13. You are aware the movie is not only distributed in the UK? The US are basically the biggest market and Rita has never had a hit there. Getting Liam on the track will definitely help. He is famous in the US and had at least one solo hit over there in 2017. How is it that hard to understand?
  14. I didn’t know it was released in America which I’ve managed to gather from previous posts so calm your farm.
  15. Liam, his influence.
  16. Yeah, its overall performance so far, especially in the US, is.. kind of shocking.
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  17. King of flopping ruining the queen of comeback's momentum.

    It's the UK performance too, it's at #60 on Spotify here, down 7 places from yesterday. It's low positioning on the Hot Hits UK playlist might explain some of the floppage but they really need to do something.
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  18. US:
    #49 on Pop Radio
    #231 on iTunes
    #149 on Spotify

    #9 on iTunes
    #56 on Spotify

    Dddd poor Rita.
  19. RJF


    I think in the US it's a case of two nobodies not making one somebody, and "Anywhere" most likely still devouring any radio support in the UK, while no one gives a shit about Liam.
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