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Rita Ora.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Melodee, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. She literally mentioned everything except the album. This tour is going to be the first time anyone hears the album and we'll need to deal.
  2. Not a release date but: “Your Song” and “Anywhere” were great comebacks because it set me up now to put my album out”. ?

    On the side of hopeless positivity, I don’t think she’d be announcing a release date during a TV interview for 50 Shades as opposed to her Brits performance or whatever way they have planned.
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  4. These live performances are so good! Kween of vocals
  5. "Rita Ora is a Huge 'Fifty Shades' Fan"

  6. [​IMG]
  7. Does it count as a surprise release if we'll be surprised to see it ever actually get released...?
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  8. I’ve been watching (and getting my life) to some recent live performances.

    I’ve noticed that during some but not all live performances of Lonely Together she changes the lyric “I caught the edge of the knife” to “its the end of the night” and it hurts just a little.

    What is the reason for this does anyone know?
  9. Sis, she's just saying that because she's trying to get a spin off movie for her character.

    Hustle queen knows what she's doing.
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  10. I suppose they were asked to censor it. The one I noticed was Strictly.
  11. For those who asked a few pages back, For You is played as the first song in the credits.

    It’s also played in the movie when they go on a trip to Aspen except this version has Liam leading vocals with Rita under him.

    She had a fairly decent sized role in this one but it’s nothing huge. She looks stunning though.
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  12. That kidnapping tho! KIRO!
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  13. Prettiest kidnapping victim ever!!!
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  14. @Robsolete your prostitution have worked.
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  15. It was worth it for my platinum queen. Now I just need to do a bit more hookin' to get Lonely Together an extra few thousand sales and this album has 3 platinum singles before it's even been announced.

    Who else but the queen of success?
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  16. Waiting for her "Platinum Hits: The Best Of Rita Ora" sophomore album.
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  17. I have given up on this album.
  18. “For You” is #1 on the WW iTunes chart today!

    Re the album - in this clip from an interview the other day she seems to be saying the album will be out before her tour.
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