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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Melodee, Jan 30, 2014.

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    (I hope...)
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  2. For You has been climbing on US iTunes at a decent rate, currently at 22. Good increases with each update.

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  4. For You seems to be recovering in a big way, with the film’s release and I expect it to continue as the weekend goes on. Finally going top 10 seems dooable now.

    iTunes fucked up and put the wrong version in the discount batch though.
  5. I was just thinking today I can't remember the last time anyone had such an amazing run of singles in one era. Your Song/Lonely Together/Anywhere/For You are all 10/10 for me. For You is actually giving me life at the moment,
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  6. Queen of nudity is as naked as my scalp after listening to her music.
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  7. Is anyone able to explain it's movement on US pop radio? It seems to have had a sudden decline even though it's #12 on iTunes.
  8. A couple of Sirus XM channels just now seemed to put Lonely Together into high rotation... MESS!

    I only listen for about 20 mins a day on my way to/from work and I've heard it at least 5 times in the last week!

    Not complaining because I LOVE IT, but seriously it's been out since last August...wtf!?!?!
  9. ITunes is hardly a relevant metric for radio anymore. Even looking at kworb, the percentages being wonky show how dead iTunes is. Anything on the iTunes main page sees a strong boost now.

    The movie isn't a huge event like the last two in the US (see: the soundtrack underperforming - maybe Black Panther stole most of its thunder as a big soundtrack). There's no clamoring for music associated with it currently (see: its Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube performance).
  10. Radio is also just the pits/political. There’s things Top 40 on Radio that won’t really be doing anything on Spotify and things that are doing well on Spotify well before radio will play it (ie New Rules). Apple Music is typically pointless to look at in the US if it’s a pop song, since it’s vast majority urban. Which is indicative of the US music scene right now.

    And along with the lack of the same anticipation for this movie, and not having big US names on the soundtrack to sell it regardless, they passed on major opportunities for promo - the TV ads didn’t even feature the song. There’s going to be more than one single this time around too I think. They’ll probably be moving on to Capital Letters (which was given better placement on TTH, though For You has been moved up to 15 now) fairly soon.

    It’s #1 on iTunes WW and moving up on Spotify Global (#30 now) so at least it’s hopefully not a total loss for her momentum outside the US.
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  11. Christ.
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  12. What she needs to do is join these fucking tracks into an album OH MY FUCKING GOD
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  13. Whoever it was at her label that saw Anne-Marie and decided that's a great way to roll out an album needs to be sent to another planet.

    This campaign is fucking abysmal jesus CHRIST SHE HAD 2 BIG HITS WITH A BONUS HIT WITH LONELY TOGETHER WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT????????
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  14. Queen of Hollywood movie roles!

    Also, did they delete For You off Spotify and then put it up again? It's showing up as 'new' today. It's at it's highest position so far though, so sIay I guess.
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  15. I'm back to semi 'what feelings I had for her around Poison' her, soz Reet.
  16. I don’t know but it’s gaining on Spotify quite fast now globally. I’d say USA is really the only main place where it’s majorly not performing. It’s still worldwide #1 on iTunes, looking to be really big in France and Germany in particular.
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  18. PIRO

    Pokemon Icon Rita Ora
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