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Rita Ora.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Melodee, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. BIRO

    Bisexual Icon Rita Ora
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  2. All that’s missing is the hits
    But don’t worry you got gay coin
  3. The melody of the chorus and the way the '''Girls, Girls, Girls'' line sounds, are both actually really nice. Literally everything else about the song is diabolical though.
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  4. I cant believe ANYWHERE was sacrifized so this could live
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  5. You don't need to believe it because it wasn't
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  6. pdf


    well that's not true is it?
  7. I believe this was supposed to be the second single following Your Song but thankfully they replaced it with Anywhere instead.
  8. Rita was fantastic last night! She put on such a high energy/uplifting show.

    I’m not sure if spoilers are still required this far into the tour, but: this post contains spoilers. A major TL;DR incoming, sorry!

    I’ll start with the two new songs, both of which are great. Summer Love in particular sounds like an obvious hit. Hopefully it’s actually planned to be a single (that is released while it is still summertime!!) because to let that hit potential pass would be a shame and very odd. It also seemed like it would have made a more obvious follow up to the run of Your Song/Lonely Together/Anywhere/For You, artistically speaking. Soul Survivor is very different for Rita and certainly sounds like a strong mid-tempo album track (which she promised is coming later this year... and after last night I’m gagging for it more than I have been since Anywhere came out).

    A surprising highlight of the set for me was Hot Right Now. I only ever “quite liked” that song at the time, but the crowd really went off for that one, creating such a feel-good moment that I have a new found appreciation for it.

    Body on Me made for a beautiful performance, she looks stunning with the sheet / wind machine. It’s a pity that a solo studio version doesn’t exist, because it certainly works as a solo number.

    Other personal highlights: I Will Never Let You Down, Anywhere, Lonely Together and Doing It.

    Girls, for all its flaws, was such a sing-along moment. I have to say, as a vibe it did feel celebratory in a live setting. I’ll always find it to be the case that a different approach to the lyrics could have resulted in something quite special, however, I feel like making my peace with the song. I’ll use it and mindlessly bop when I play it. That’s not to say I’ll forget the importance of the conversation that arose, and I really respect Hayley and other artists for speaking out.

    I will share this quote, simply because Rita actually said it before she performed Girls (and it was the only part of the whole show I found to be disappointing): “If some people get it twisted, that’s their problem, the theme (? I think she said theme) is a celebration, so - this is for my ladies - are we gonna celebrate tonight?!”

    Anyway. It was incredibly evident that as a performer, she’s absolutely ready for arena shows. Her staging has the essence of an arena production; it was the best show I’ve seen in an academy setting. She has a captivating stage presence, she’s very endearing with her stage chat (bar the aforementioned moment) and obviously she’s built up a large number of genuinely big hits. Hopefully she’s able to successfully make that next step up, because I’d love to see her again in a bigger setting (probably with a seat next time though, I’m not as young as I used to be...!). I really hope her label gets their act together and manages to put out the second album this year, because I don’t believe she should announce an arena tour until the album is actually a reality.

    Overall her show really lifted my mood (lately I’ve been feeling quite down... but last night I forgot my troubles, and I’m still on a high now - I love when a tour does that for me). I’d consider this one of the most entertaining/feel good shows I’ve seen in a long time. So, that’s what I’ll take away from The Girls Tour, and... I love Rita Ora! TIRO (Touring Icon Rita Ora x). *Patiently awaits the mythical second album*
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  9. LP


    Fantastic review! What time did she come on roughly? Gagging for Saturday in Bristol!
  10. She was on at 9pm sharp in Birmingham! I think the show was over by around 10:15pm.
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  11. Anywhere is probably her biggest hit ever, it wasn't sacrificed in any way.
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  12. RMK


    Not worldwide, though deserving of the title.
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  13. I know we’re all mad at her at the minute but she really did snatch me bald on Tuesday in Manchester. She’s such a great live performer and her discography is so strong, she deserves a second album, an arena tour, and the world tbh. I can’t wait for Girls to be over so I can fully stan her again.
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  14. I think she'd sell out an arena tour. She literally has a greatest hits album and has only got 1 album out.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. so... I'm assuming Rita2 won't be arriving until 2019 after the girls debacle...
  17. Ddd wait, I actually took the time to listen to the lyrics of the damn song and Rita sings:
    "I'm 50/50 and I'm never gonna hide it"

    Surely that completely invalidates the argument against her?! She plainly states she's bi in the song.
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  18. The problem is she has released some statements since that are directly conflicting with that line. For instance this part from her Paper interview:
    or how she's been constantly trying to frame the whole mess that's followed as being forced to come out. That's not to say she isn't bi, but that's not exactly what you think of when you say "I'm never gonna hide it".
  19. Maybe all of this could've been avoided if Rita's field testing process for her music included some people who weren't totally drunk.

  20. Ah, so the trick is for us to be drunk to like her songs. Are they even going ahead with the video or is this completely cancelled? I was actually excited to be moving towards Rita2 and become interested, but this is a problematic start.
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