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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VivaForever, May 24, 2016.

  1. LiK


    I fully get that and I feel the same about this killer, but all I get from their failed climax is that it could possibly be the Riverdale reaper all along? I dunno either way I wish they'd just get it over with, the show had no reason to go down this path!

    And I'm so not here for Dark Betty either.

    As for Cheryl I bet she's probably gonna take a liking to Toni lol.
  2. Just into the Halloween episode...

    Tony Todd, YAS
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  3. The actresses are best friends and apparently they drop little hints about Cheryl and Toni on social media. Maybe just trolling and wishful thinking from them though.
  4. The show's creator said the second half of S2 would be a return to its roots... so they really just ended the Black Hood like that
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  5. I think they must have realised that they'd put the show into a savage downward spiral. It wasn't just the Black Hood storyline though. It was the focus on the rituals of the Southside Serpents; the 'Serpent Dance' is an offensively cheap way of getting the Betty to dance in her underwear. It was gratuitious. Now Betty is 'evil' because she has a 'dark side'. I can't see this going well at all. The constant need to break couples up and put them back together is silly too. Drama can be found in relationships without resorting to cliche.
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  6. Ugh...a disaster.
  7. What are the roots though? Season 1 was also practically a whodunit with in the background Southside Serpents and hints of Dark Betty, just like the first half of season 2.

    I wouldn't mind if they put the mystery aspects in the back and focus more on the drama and the relationships. Let Cheryl blossom. Let the main characters mingle more with Josie, Kevin, Moose,... . Give the parents something meaty, especially Hermione.
  8. The role of Cheryl is a graveyard for the actress. She can't really do much at this point. The mystery of her brother has been solved, most of her family is gone. Veronica functions quite well as the pampered princess character at Riverdale and can drop bitchy one liners when called upon. It looks like the writers are struggling to do something interesting with Cheryl. The storyline she has with Josie feels like a desperate measure to give her something to do. It's a real shame, actually. But at least she isn't Kevin, whose presence is entirely superfluous.
  9. The season has started up again!

    A good episode for moving characters around and introducing new ones.
  10. It's all just getting a bit too ridiculous. Have the writers forgotten that they are high school kids?
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  11. It's always been hard to think of them as high school students though. It's best to suspend belief when it comes to Riverdale.
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  12. Jughead is the WORST
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  13. The show veered into terrible territory. It has its work cut out for the rest of the season
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  14. There are way too many characters now.

    Sidenote, Cheryl's mom admitting being a whore and loving it.
  15. Jughead is making this really hard to watch now. He's fucking terrible.
  16. It also doesn't help that Cole Sprouse can't act for shit.
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  17. LiK


    Yes I went from really liking his character in season one to kinda giving him an eye roll almost every time he's on screen now. His whole serpent loyalty arc is a bit too forced for my liking, especially after he was so hard on his dad about the same thing last season.
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    Lol I'm absolutely loving her random character development out of nowhere. I got a bit Bree Vandercamp vibe from her little Relapse season 8 of Desperate Housewives as well.

    Anyways for me I actually enjoyed the episode since it was mostly character driven and I've now accepted we won't get back to the brillance of season one. Betty's brother has me intrigued a bit and I'm hoping they aren't setting him up to be the clichéd messed up orphan who holds a bitter grudge on his parents for giving him up, which lead him down a dark road (who am I kidding)? I've seen people saying he's the real black hooded killer as well at this stage I'm truly over it but I won't put it past the writers.

    Also so he's FP + Betty's mom kid ( wonder how this will be handled eventually).

    Cheryl's character has room to grow as well especially with her mom current position. Kevin continues to be even more removed from existence.

    And Archie is an idiot but we already knew this. Of course the FBI agent would go to the dumbest kid in the town for help
  19. I sure hope Chic ends up being Alice and FP's illegitimate child. There's so much potential there. I really hope the writers take it into that direction.
  20. This is increasingly like Glee season 2 when all the parts that people liked in the first 13 episodes were turned up to 11 and it all went to shit. I‘ll give it one or two more episodes.
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