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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VivaForever, May 24, 2016.

  1. Aside from Betty's brother, it didn't really set up anything. Archie and the FBI is a... choice. I did like that he talked to Veronica about kissing Betty though. Can't believe how stupid and stubborn Jughead has become, with that Serpent jacket and all.

    At least we did get some Cheryl. I hope Greg Araki gives us a better episode next week.
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  2. Jughead is terrible for giving so much of a shit about the Serpents when none of the others cared at all about taking their jackets off for school.

    Archie is terrible because he knows someone tried to sexually assault his girlfriend, and he's plotting behind her back over the fallout from it.

    At least Penelope and Alice remain Wisteria Lane flawless.
  3. The men on this show remain irrelevant. It's a shame so much of the show is centered on their useless stories.
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  4. A cam boy really?
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  5. Jughead becoming super serpent cheerleader number one is the worst storyline. Penelope being a prostitute and loving it is the best one. This show gets worse and worse.

    But I'm shallow, so more wrestling scene please.

  6. Only wrestling scenes from here on out. And I‘ll need some screenshots.
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  7. Was Araki's episode as sexual as I expected it to be?
  8. LiK


    Last episode was a big whole nothing! I'm not even interested in Chic's story anymore,

    Okay.. Archie is an idiot. I say this after each episode but each week he just on ups the previous week. This whole FBI thing is gonna blow up in his face since he'll be involved with what he's working to take down.

    I'm over the Serpents Story...where is FP in all of this madness?

    Penelope and Alice need more screen time, both are far more entertaining on screen than the teens at this point.

    And Kevin is gorgeous that's all!
  9. At this point, the show is only good for eye candy. Outside of Betty's camboy brother, I actually have no idea what's happening anymore...and I don't particularly care. Where's the murder mystery? Why is no one dead?
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  10. Slightly off topic I've been watching this, 90210, one tree hill and gossip girl over the holidays - I'm thinking of doing a CW/WB show rate, would anyone be interested? If so please PM which shows I should include, as I don't know if I should just do teen show or all their shows.
  11. A beautiful rendition of Bitter Sweet Symphony. That is all.
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  12. I liked the ending of the episode because I love the Coopers (next weeks promo looks good) but this episode was one of the most boring for me. I am so over the Serpent drama and the Lodges gangster stories. I need some lightheartedness as everything in it seems to be dark now.

    I was really into the Black Hood story and the way it played out like a horror movie at times but since that plot seemingly ended (probably not forever) I haven't really been into what they have done since.
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  13. I stopped watching weeks ago. The quality control isn't quite there anymore.
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  14. The first season was smart for focusing on the noir of a small-town murder mystery. The 'black hood' could've been a great continuation of that - with greater stakes! - but it became very clear they: 1) were too scared to get rid of any characters, 2) they went in without having fleshed out the storyline, and then became too lost to sort out how to wrap it all up. Now that that ended on a most embarrassing note, they've scrubbed the 'murder mystery' entirely in place of convoluted turf wars and crime rings that barely interest the characters on screen, yet alone the audience.

    Keeping up the premise of a 13-episode mystery would've done this show wonders. A deep exploration of Jughead's angst and a stolen statue head are not what fans want; the characters aren't remotely interesting enough to carry that little story.
  15. LiK


    Haven't seen the new episode as yet but I must say looking back the black Hooded Killer arc, really did start off promising, huh?

    Archie's dad getting shot and Archie's teacher getting killed were really good set ups and that's all they really needed to get it going since both were linked to Archie. Once they got Betty intertwined with the Black Hood they wrote themselves into a corner since they couldn't possibly taint a main character so that's where everything went to shit, in my opinion.
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  16. Season 2 (or at a stretch, 3) is supposed to be the golden year for most CW shows. Then they go to shit. Alas, Riverdale, went straight to shit. (Excluding Smallville, whose golden year was season nine, but that makes sense since they rebooted the show in season eight).

    Can I get the Serpent kids (sans Jughead and now, inexplicably, Betty) spin-off with guest stars Kevin, Cheryl, Josie, Alice and Mama Blossom? Thanks.
  17. You want the Serpent kids? I couldn't care less if we never saw any of them ever again.
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  18. They're the prettiest people in the cast, particularly Sweet Pea (who I could climb like a tree) and Toni (who is just honestly stunning to me). They're lacking in character, obviously, but I'd take them over the core four any day of the week.
  19. I kind of wish the producers would inject a little fun into the show again. Obviously last season revolved around a murder mystery, but it felt like the show was a bit more aware of the ridiculous stuff going on and played it up a bit more. There's still that bit of knowingness around sometimes, like the motel from a few episodes ago being called Last Resort, for instance.

    The show is overstuffed and the melodrama is on over drive. I still enjoy the show and the cinematography continues to stun, but a bit of fun and a more relaxed situation would be appreciated. I'm really enjoying the new Dynasty so it's not like I have high standards for what I'll bother to watch.
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  20. LiK


    Finally caught up with the last episode and it wasnt bad just there? But at least one good thing came out of it, jug-head being suspended from the Serpents.

    Anyways, Soooo... Alice killed a guy, Betty is keeping secrets even after Jughead said what he did after their breakup and Archie told Veronica what he did, and Archie wound up getting a guy killed after warning Hiram that said guy was gunning for him and then lied to the FBI that he knew nothing about it... okay then.

    For such a dull episode a lot actually happened. I also get a dodgy vibe from that FBI agent as well.

    But I really liked the set up at the end, finally a murder again, could be interesting depending on how they deal with it.

    Also did anyone else notice the guy who came to interview Chic (for the job) was the same guy who Ms. Grundy was tutoring / fooling around with moments before she was killed? Could be nothing but it caught my eye.
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