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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VivaForever, May 24, 2016.

  1. No Serpents in sight and a much better episode for it. I REALLY enjoyed this weeks. It goes on a break until the start of March which is majorly annoying but the promo looks to finally get Cheryl's new romance started up.....
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  2. Agreed this was a MUCH better episode. We had murder, mystery, Cheryl, and no serpent nonsense.
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  3. LiK


    This last episode felt like the first real Riverdale episode of the season to me. I knew something was off with that FBI agent just couldn't put my finger on it.

    I'm curious what's Chic's end game here but I'm sure Hal will figure it out one way or another. FP + Alice ...yeah saw this coming. I'm truly over the Lodges storyline, here for Jughead taking them down with his report.
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  4. I'm stil lol'ing how Hermione turned a 180 compared to season 1. But atleast she has her own agenda against Hiram or so it seems.

    Dave Franco 2.0 needs to leave immediately. Unless he's FP's son then all is forgiven. But the vibe he gives off now is just ugh. Go away. With his forced waterworks. We all know he's playing the whole Cooper clan.

    Betty is stressed enough as is after the whole Blackhood stuff which I highly doubt is fully resolved.
  5. This weeks episode was great. This is where they should have started with season 2. Having the gang riding high off solving Jason's murder, only to inadvertently become accomplices in another murder would have been a much better way to raise the stakes than the Black Hood. I hope they can start to course correct now.
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  6. I think the biggest problem at the moment is Veronica’s whole crime family thing, it’s just meh.
    I love Hermione, she’d work much better as the head of the family. She came across more threatening in that last scene with Archie than Hiram has all season. It doesn’t help that the guy who plays Hiram isn’t exactly a great actor.
    The serpents are fine when relegated to background characters and not put too much emphasis on, FP and Jughead are enough to be honest.
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  7. This is so on point.

    Archie is fucking annoying though. Such a male Mary Sue (Marty Stu?): Captain of the team (for a bit), musical prodigy, and so righteous. It's Jack Shepherd all over again. No.
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  8. WAIT at Sheriff Keller being hotter than all the high schoolers!
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  9. I don't think there's any show delivering more eye candy.
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  10. Yaaas Cherylegend!
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  11. Cheryl's coming out should have been such a moment, but instead it was used as a ploy to shamelessly promote Greg Berlanti's new movie. Wouldn't surprise me if it's never addressed again.
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  12. Next weeks promo shows it will be. Also the shippers are going crazy for 'Choni'
  13. Some notes about this weeks episode:

    The exchange between Cheryl and her mother was intense as fuck.

    "You've never known love, Cheryl. Except to rip it apart. Because you are a jealous spite-filled, starving emotional anorexic." "Have a nice day at school, dear."

    Loved Kevin and Moose's small talk about Love, Simon. And when he mentioned Midge, "It's all a little too Big Love for me."
    And the scene at the diner with the three of them lol.

    The beginning of Toni and Cheryl is blossoming.

    Dark Betty returned. Buckle up Jughead.

    And hey Josie appeared. Didn't expect that. And she actually had something to do. And between her and Kevin of all people. They could have a nice unexpected friendship.

    Sheriff Keller and Mayor McCoy. Who would've thought.

    Glad there wasn't dragged out drama because of the Archie and Betty kiss reveal.

    Penelope is still a whore and loving it. Kudos.
  14. It was nice to see Kevin, Cheryl and Josie all have something to do this week, even if it was all wrapped up in some shoehorned, in-show promo spot for "Love, Simon."
  15. I still can't stand Jughead. I'm always skipping the first minutes of the show as I can't bear his voice-over. So irritating. Kill him already.
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  16. They’re all quite annoying bar Veronica, Cheryl, Kevin and Valerie.
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  17. Archie seems fed up with Veronica's antics but yet he stays loyal to her father.
    Veronica is getting on my last nerve. Being a conniving bitch like her mother who's 180 change in character compared to how she was last season still hasn't been properly explained. All because of Hiram? Ugh, please.
    And now Hermione is mayor. And Archie makes a blood oath with Dracula.

    The Lodges are evil and are ruining this show.

    Things I liked:

    "Inbred cesspool of a family." GOD I love Alice. Go off!

    Cheryl's fainting looked fake as hell though.

    So twins run in the family...

    It was nice to see Polly again and her scenes with Betty.

    I love Cheryl and Toni's tender relationship. You can tell Madelaine and Vanessa are having fun because they're besties irl. "Lesbos"


    Chic needs to leave right now. Creepy little shit.

    The Jughead stuff bored me to tears.
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  18. I hate how nearly all of Veronica's scenes are just conflict between Daddy and Archiekins.

    I love all the Cooper family stuff though and the Blossoms, the Lodges are the weak part of the show for me, I'd actually like Hiram to be killed off.
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  19. Agreed Cheryl & Betty's family drama is compelling, while Veronica/Jughead/Archie's family stuff does my head in.
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  20. Isn’t that an inevitability though? I’ve assumed he’ll be killed off by the end of the season.

    I can’t believe that their big evil plan is a fucking prison??? Like seriously? They couldn’t think of something more compelling?
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