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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VivaForever, May 24, 2016.

  1. Did anyone watch the season premier of Season 3? I thought it was great! Not only because Archie spends about 90% of the episode shirtless, but also it feels reminiscent of the first season with how everything's shot - vibrant colours, even in the darkest scenes - and I enjoy the sinister/creepy direction its going.
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  2. It’s ratings are down almost a million from last years season opener. Still above the CW average though.
    I wonder if this season an ep will beat it’s series low of 870K.
  3. LiK


    I honestly forgot this show was back. I still haven't brought myself to even watch the finale from last season? So is it possible I can skip season 2 finale and jump straight into season 3 without being lost on the plot?
  4. If you watch on Netflix it'll give you a quick recap at the start so you can do that.
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  5. These have been extremely useful for me these past months.
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  6. Can you legally be defended by your own parent in a murder trial?? Isn't that a HUGE conflict of interest?
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  7. @Hudweiser That's what I was thinking during the episode.
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  8. In Riverdale, anything is possible. Except believable plots.
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    Is Cheryl back in her red hood and bow combo?

    Won't watch otherwise.
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  10. That wouldn’t be a conflict of interest. Since both interests are the same.
    A conflict would only arise should your kid be the accused and you were prosecuting for the state or if your kid was killed and you were defending the accused murder.
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    Oh my God, Cheryl did shoot an arrow.

    And not even half an episode and it’s already become a Serpent centric affair. Ew.

    Kii at the trial ending. Archie remains infuriating. It’s so hilarious.

    Wait at that ending!! Perched a bit.
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  12. I still adore this show, despite (thanks to?) turning up the bonkers-dial to 100 %.
  13. The second episode was... dark. It feels so weird, like they're trying desperately to move it past being just another "teen show", but can't quite shake that just yet.
  14. I'm def just hate watching now. It's so, so fucking stupid.

    - Kevin turning up to request permission to join that cadet thingy club but somehow already wearing the uniform that they would surely have to have had supplied him with!?
    - All the parents being in the same grade of the same school at the same time who've done this horrible thing yet stayed in the same fucking town for 45 years!?
    - Glee-style dance and vocal numbers with perfect acoustics despite being outside with no mics and Veronica running off to have an entire conversation then slotting back in vocally and choreographically as if she wouldn't have just ruined the entire thing!?
    - Archie.
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    Same, sis.
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  16. It speaks volumes about me that I watch it and don't even question these things...
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    I'm only interested in the Ghouls and Gargoyles storyline.

    I can't at the fight club one, hahaha.

    I can't at this show looking so expensive while peddling such shit writing.
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  18. Same, I am totally here for that storyline, the cult and the game is really great. But the fight club and the speakeasy....
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    Like what possess a teen to open a speakeasy?

    Also, not Jingle Jangle coming back.

    I'm happy Jughead is busy with the more interesting storyline. Archie should die in prison.
  20. Fixed.
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