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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VivaForever, May 24, 2016.

  1. He


    Oh, fuck, that is awful. RIP.
  2. My heart is breaking. So sad.
  3. Jesus that’s awful! Poor man R.I.P.
  4. That's really sad news. 52 is so young too. RIP.
  5. I was not expecting this. I can’t believe he’s gone. 52 is so young.
  6. What the fuck?? I literally was just Googling to find out his age an hour ago after browsing the 90210 thread!
  7. Keith Flint and Luke Perry dead on the same day.

    The 90's found ugly crying.
  8. My youth found dead.
  9. I worked on the show this season and although I wouldn’t have had as much interaction with Luke as some of the rest of the cast, he was a gent to work with and was very much adored by the rest of the cast and crew. Very down-to-earth and humble.

    I am shocked and sad.
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  10. I can't wait for the next episode! Heather's is one of my 2 favourite musicals. This better be good!
  11. I really enjoyed this episode and thought it was better then the Carrie one.
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  12. I’m gonna need Vanessa Morgan to drop a single.
  13. Scream at that quick reaction shot of Penelope Blossom in the audience watching Heathers. She clearly wanted to be anywhere else, and I thought it was hilarious. Highlight of the whole episode, to be honest.

    I love Heathers and would like to rewatch it now, so...that's something.
  14. Yeah, this musical was better than the last one.

    And yay for Chad Michael Murray, finally!
  15. The Archie and Josie relationship is a lot better than Veronica and Archie. It's the only time I can actually tolerate Archie; she brings out a better side to him. it's a shame it's probably going to end next episode seeing as ep. 19 is Ashleigh Murray/Josie's last episode and she's moving to Katy Keene.
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  16. I really enjoyed this episode. "Prom? We still do things like that?". "Aren't you like 30, Evelyn?" Edgar with his shirt off, Fangs with his shirt off and that long ass chase scene with Betty giving me Prom Night/I Know What You Did Last Summer awesomeness!
  17. I stopped watching mid season two. But reading the recaps and the bad writing mocking youtube videos I can't understand how this this show went downhill so fast.

    I miss season 1, when they actually acted like teens. And weren't involved in gangs and cults.
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  18. Currently watching season 3 and it’s so bad it’s good. It is totally ridiculous, I don’t think Veronica has filmed any scenes in the school at all.
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  19. I’ve not watched any of season 3 yet but I’m very intrigued by what I’m hearing about the cult storyline. I wish there was a way to watch the show that automatically skipped over any scene not involving the women of the show.

    The thought of watching Archie and jughead’s crime melodrama has curbed any anthuriums for the show.
  20. The amount of videos on YouTube making fun of this show is hilarious. That butterknife scene.
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