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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VivaForever, May 24, 2016.

  1. So I'm finally catching up on Season 3 with only 2 episodes left, and I have lots of questions. The main one being, what's so bad about this Farm cult? I understand we're supposed to dislike them and root for Betty taking them down, but I don't actually understand what they're doing that makes them so villainous. They wear white, brew kombucha, and have a really hot leader? They seem like the most redeemable characters currently on the show.

    Also what is with the sudden return of the Black Hood and the Gargoyle King?! I thought we were long done with those plotlines. Honestly don't know if I'll hang around for Season 4.
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  2. And just finished the season and at least they do explain why the Farm is so bad - don’t know why it took 21 episodes to get there, but so be it. That said, what a frustrating finale; they didn’t resolve the Farm, Mrs Blossom, or the Lodge storylines. The stupid board game is gone from our lives, praise be, but there wasn’t any actual closure to anything else from this season.

    I think they made a mistake by having SO many overarching mysteries carrying on simultaneously, but to not actually solve most of them by the end is such a cop out, and just proves how aimless the writers are at this point.
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  3. Betty is so hateful and easy to hate that anyone she fights becomes likeable by default.
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  4. The cliffhanger unrivalled season 4 looks quite promising so I’m hoping they’ll manage to get things back on track to some extent. I’ve kinda been living for the two solid seasons of mess that they’ve given us though.
  5. I had to turn this off midway through an episode of Season 3, it's so terrible now, and I don't usually mind trashy TV. The Serpents and all associated storylines are embarrassing.
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  6. So I've started watching Riverdale and just finished Season 1.

    Two questions:
    - does Archie get more interesting later on?
    - how does Mrs Cooper get to swan in and out of the school like she owns the place?
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  7. - No
    - Because she's iconic.
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  8. You will literally want him to die.
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  9. Save yourself the agony and just watch Elite on Netflix.
  10. Quit while you’re ahead. It’s all downhill from Season 1.
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  11. I left this show after the season 2 finale and watched the memes and crack videos on YouTube for season 3.

    I'm only checking out the premiere of the new season because of Shannen's tribute guest appearence for Luke.
  12. The tribute episode in memory of Luke Perry was incredibly touching.
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  13. It was sweet, but it certainly didn’t move the plot/story along at all, did it?
  14. I think they said that they wouldn’t be starting any plots this week so they could just focus on Fred.
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  15. Shannen's scene was absolutely devastating to watch. She wasn't acting at all. Once again, RIP Luke Perry.

    That's all from me for now. Not interested in anymore seasons of this batshit craziness. Not even the memes make me chuckle anymore.

    Actually more interested in watching Katy Keene.

    Atleast there will be no gangs and murderers hiding around every corner and lurking in the shadows ready to strike.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. I thought the episode peaked when Betty disarmed a bomb while actual FBI agents were too panicked to do so and then this happened.
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  18. As if I wasn’t already certain of it, this week’s episode solidified Riverdale as TV’s biggest disaster.
  19. Kii I'm actually really enjoying this season so far and I have no idea why. The cult storyline in last week's episode was a top to bottom messT though.
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  20. This has gone so downhill. It also doesn’t help that the cast look older than the characters they are meant to be playing and the blond guy in Jugheads class looks in his 30s.
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