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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VivaForever, May 24, 2016.

  1. This show is garbage but Chic and Charles are hot and gay so.
  2. My friend watches this and I only keep up via bad writing compilations on Youtube.

    It's a shame Coocoodale is such an awful show, as I'll always have a soft spot for Archie Comics. They should do a live action Archie's Weird Mysteries, which would basically be The X Files with the gang.
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  3. Pat


    I absolutely hated the Gargoyle King plot, but actually thought the episode where they played their parents to explain the game was one of the highlights of last season, even if it was ridiculous and did not make sense.
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  4. Is anyone watching the Katy Keene premiere tonight? I'm wondering whether it's worth checking out or not.
  5. You're too kind, for me it was downhill midway thru season 1. And then I never looked back. This show is fucking DETERMINED to be that Gossip Girl replacement. I wished they went darker and actually Archie-r.
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  6. It's cute. The pilot had potential. It also has a Devil Wears Prada vibe going on. It luckily has no ties with the trainwreck that is Riverdale. Except that Josie crossed over. I'm glad that she's actually getting screen time!

    LOL Josie's comment how Riverdale is the murder capital of the world.

    Also Lucy Hale doesn't have a trace of Aria Montgomery in her performance thus far and that's a good thing.

    The whole gang gel well with each other.

    I'm definitely watching the whole season.

    The soundtrack was also great.
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  7. I loved it too. It has The Carrie Diaries vibes.. also the Glee episodes in New York. The music is great and the 4 main characters are all interesting.
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  8. Aw man, The Carrie Diaries. I still miss that show. The plans they had for a third season sounded so good.

    I hope Katy Keene gets more than 2 seasons!
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  9. Same. I just feel a bit anxious getting too attached as so many shows I loved got cancelled.
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  10. It's official.

    Katy Keene is a charming and endearing show. I must sound soft when I say that Jorge/Ginger is the heart of the show.

    I'm glad that they're treating Josie as an actual character and not a glorified extra like she was on Riverdale.

    I'm also happy that only two episodes in it actually feels like an ensemble show and not just the Lucy Hale Variety Hour. The cast has great chemistry.

    The only character I'm iffy about is Pepper. It doesn't feel like she's a part of the group. And okay, cool she's a lesbian or bisexual I guess. Wow... But that doesn't make her more interesting or anything. We'll see how her story goes but at the moment she's just not interesting to me at all.

    I hope this show is a hit for The CW and on Netflix. It's so sweet.
  11. I just absolutely LOVE how the writers of Katy Keene constantly make little digs at Riverdale's craziness and very unrealistic world those "characters" (if you can even you call them that) live in.

    The funny thing is that probably half the writers of this show actually write those scripts for Riverdale.

    My favorite line of Josie last week was something like, and I'm paraphrasing. But she said something to the effect of "If you get killed in Riverdale, they never find the body/bodies."

    I laughed a little too hard at that. But the way she delivered that line. Utter deadpan. She's SO happy she got the hell out of dodge.
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  12. The episode of Katy Keene from last week was pretty great. First and foremost, a lot of Miranda Priestly-esque scenes in the opening and ending.

    Weird seeing The Dark Lord from Sabrina in this... so all 3 shows are definitely NOT connected.

    And, HI! Grams from Dawson's Creek. Who feels like she's been a part of our lives for atleast 30 years. She has aged gracefully.

    Then when the core 4 suddenly started singing Xtina's Dirrty!! AMAZING.

    Of course, Josie already has a rival... but she's standing up for herself. And like I've said before, the character but especially the actress are both happy to leave their previous show behind. I wouldn't want to be promoted as a "regular" cast member but at the same time only be used as a glorified extra. If you can even call it that.

    I like all the leads. But still a bit iffy about Pepper. There's something off about her or maybe it's just me. So she's seemingly bisexual. She obviously has a secret life or lives two at the same time. All in all, I find her an opportunist.

    Poor Jorge. It'll get better. He seems to have supportive boyfriend. Even if they haven't made their relationship exclusive yet. Jorge really wants to. That boy is smitten. The talk he had with is dad was touching and real.

    Yeah, this show could become something special if they play their cards right and especially if The CW believes in it. Because this and Riverdale are WORLDS apart.

    We'll see how well it gets received as soon as it hits Netflix.
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  13. I don't know how I am still watching this but here we are! They finally graduated in last nights episode and the 7 year time jump begins next week. I'm intrigued to see where they take it from here.

    It's been renewed for a 6th season too!
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  14. I'm staggered to learn this show is still going!
  15. I think it must do quite well on streaming, especially internationally. It's in the top 10 on Netflix UK each week.

    But in terms of quality, it's just as chaotic as ever dd.
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  16. I jumped out midway through S2, but I assume they're trying to get it to the 100-episode mark for syndication purposes and then pulling the plug
  17. I'm not sure where I stopped - it became a blur of ludicrous plots that just petered out. Veronica opened a Speakeazy ...for under 18s. That was it.
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  18. I still watch it. It's a mess but I can't help but tune in.
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