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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VivaForever, May 24, 2016.

  1. I'm sure we're being brainwashed! but there are some glimmers of hope now and again (and largely Cheryl Blossom's camp existence and how insanely attractive most of the men are ddd). I enjoyed S4 but it definitely suffers from too much craziness happening at once! I need to live in their reality where Hermione Lodge is a real housewife!
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  2. It’s a mix of The CW always renewing everything (especially now in a year when all networks are going to be afraid to green light new projects), it still being one of the most successful & buzzy shows The CW has (which says more about the still flailing network than anything), and it bringing in a lot of money via Netflix/international streaming rights. Basically, until the network can develop a follow-up teen hit (or until the actors start asking for too much money), it’s not going anywhere.

    This remains my favorite hate watch each week. It’s one of the worst-written shows on television, and has been for years at this point. It isn’t the slightest bit compelling or sensical, and it’s near impossible to feel any emotion about these characters, but I always begrudgingly tune in each episode to see just how bad it still is.
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  3. @ratedr We are definitely being brainwashed! I screamed when Hermione said she is auditioning for the Real Housewives. I would kill to watch that. She's sticking around for season 5 after all so I do hope we will see her filming it. I enjoyed season 4 too. It was much better than season 3 but I agree that too much happens every week.

    I aspire to be Cheryl Blossom. I think she could take over the world if she wanted to.
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  4. I actually felt a bit emotional several times during the graduation episode kii. Season 4 was very messy but they managed to wrap it up surprisingly well. Hopefully the time jump will allow them to keep some of that quality but I won't hold my breath.
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  5. I am in the same boat. The show is a mess but I watch it every week, it's such an entertaining train wreck.

    I also wish Drew Ray Tanner/Fangs had a more prominent role in the show (and I hope he comes back after the time jump!) as he is the most attractive cast member.
  6. Ah, yes. Miss Archiekins not graduating high school then becoming a teacher after the time jump.
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  7. It's giving me Rachel Berry returns to save the Glee Club teebs. I didn't expect them to change it up too much after the time jump but it's feeling like more of the same. I wouldn't mind seeing more of what happened to them all during those 7 years, especially Betty's FBI training.

    It's great to see more of Toni as well.
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  8. We will get Veronica’s return as the Shewolf Of Wall Street and will have to deal.
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  9. I don’t know how it’s possible, but the show has been even worse since the time jump. I know you have to throw all logic out the door with this, but it’s too much.

    Yes, I’ll still be watching to the bitter end.
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  10. I thought the first two time jump episodes were a biT of a serve. I can't believe I'm properly enjoying this mess again.
  11. I think the show has been boring since the time jump to be honest. It seems less campy fun and I'm not here for Cheryl being such a debbie downer. Also I feel at one point Betty's mom was a bit of a queen and now she's so blah.
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  12. The group ‘saving the town’ is not exactly the fun, compelling murder mystery I come to this show for.
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  13. Truly giving the gays what they want

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  14. Let me excuse myself.
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  15. Oh my god I hate him he’s so good looking
  16. Riverdollars.
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  17. I'm loving season 5 help.
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  18. Same.

    I have no idea what I expected after the time jump but riverdollars and an extra-terrestrial mystery feels like more of the same messiness from Riverdale. I live.

    I love that they brought back the hot gay firefighter from Katy Keene, this show knows exactly the kind of content I am after here!
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  19. I love how the show this season has become a heightened satirical spoof of itself. I've laughed out loud these past 3 episodes. It's batshit. Cheryl's storyline is beyond ridiculous and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

    Also, what was that chase scence with Betty and the trucker/serial killer. I almost choked. The table read must be wild.
  20. I didn't realize how much I missed seeing Josie and the Pussycats until they showed up on screen. It's been way too long seeing all three of them together again. And they definitely deserved a centric episode revolved around them. This was the best writing since season one. Without a doubt.

    I got chills when Josie sang It's All Coming Back to Me Now and later joined by Melody and Valerie. Dua's Physical performance was also absolute fire.

    Speaking of Valerie, her hair looks bomb. I know the actress has been using natural hair products since last year such as Cantu conditioner and her locks look gorgeous.

    I also LOVED how Josie put all those supposed 'friends' of hers in their rightful place. The highlights were the Jughead remark. Telling Betty they only talked once during high shool. And last but not least the dead heart Cheryl gave Josie (which I totally forgot about) because this show is batshit.

    I'm still sad the Katy Keene spinoff got cancelled because seeing Alexandra show up and her animosity with Josie is still as juicy as ever.

    I'm glad Josie found succes and has been touring all over the world. And I'm happy she decided she wanted the girls to reunite again.

    I hope this isn't the last we see of the Pussycats because they're a really great but severely underused addition to this wack ass show.
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