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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VivaForever, May 24, 2016.

  1. Is ‘you know who’ really ‘you know what’?
    Don’t want to spoil but I don’t get it or if it’s just a dream or alternate universe or some shite….
    This is one of those shows that I’ve watched from the beginning and just can’t finish til it concludes sadly.
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  2. @aussie Sadly not. This was the beginning of a 5 episode alternate universe miniseries before the season properly begins in March.

    I assume he'll stay dead in the rest of these episodes but he will be alive again in March.
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  3. Not an alternate universe/timeline. I’m officially bowing out & I couldn’t feel more proud saying it.
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  4. I am adoring these 5 episode events of RIVERVALE. The show runner was always tempted to go full supernatural after season one of Riverdale, and this is a good compromise. I know Sabrina Spellman will appear, but it's a shame they couldn't work things out in the shared universe of Greendale and Riverdale on Netflix, although it was always the future plan if Sabrina didn't get canceled. But I must say, with the way Riverdale has borderline crossed the lines between supernatural aspects and a plain teen drama, that this 5 episode event feels right. I'll miss it when it goes back to "normal standards."
    Riverdale in general is batshit crazy enough as storyline goes so why not go all the way. I know the plan from the show runner was to make season two supernatural but they backed off from that idea for some reason. We know the Afterlife with Archie comics were a huge succes and a total rebrand since they had been struggling beforehand to keep selling them.
    But I'm grateful they gave us this alternate universe storyline called RIVERVALE. We'll get what we craved for and always wanted so that's fine by me.
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  5. The latest episode had TOP-NOTCH writing. Which is unbelieveable to expect to get from the show at this point. The meta references were insane. I absolutely loved how they incorporated the actual comics.

    And, HELLO, Ross Buttler. Did NOT expect him to show up, and it was the best thing ever. I've ALWAYS prefered him over Charles Melton, so this multiple Reggies competition they had going on was a feast for the eyes.

    I also liked the returning characters we haven't seen in a long time. First things first, Jason actually SPOKE!

    And Ethel remains a bad bitch.

    Well, we'll be back on our regular Riverdale shit soon, but I hope that the writers actually learned something from this 5 episode alternate reality event. It's been a joy to watch.
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  6. Also, KJ's paternity leave did him good. He looked very refreshed.
  7. WHAT.
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  8. Dddd I need to start watching this again, it sounds hilarious.

    Did the crossover with Sabrina last long/was it good? I was looking forward to it!
  9. Thank god I stopped with this a couple of years ago. It had so much promise at the start, such a shame.

    Is it worth hate watching just for the Kii?
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  10. Abigail Blossom is my current favorite television character. She's an absolute hoot. The rest of the current storyline is utterly ridiculous and I'm kinda loving it.

    I'm glad Hiram is finally dead, it's been long overdue. But I sure hope it's not a fake out.

    So Archie has the actual equivalent of kryptonite as in palladium? Like what... Thank heavens for Bingo saving the day.

    And Jughead can hear other ones thoughts now. Mkay.
  11. The Mommie Dearest homage was fucking hilarious. Camp perfection.
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  13. It's been confirmed that Season 7 will be the final season of Riverdale! https://tvline.com/2022/05/19/riverdale-cancelled-ending-season-7-cw/

    I've kind of enjoyed Season 6, more so than I have since Season 1 (even though it's become a wildly different show since then). Leaning into the supernatural direction has done the show some good in my opinion, after a few directionless seasons. For years I felt that Riverdale couldn't fully commit to its own weirdness and that it took itself too seriously, so I've appreciated the improvement. Regardless, I think it's high time it came to an end. I bet some of the cast will be relieved that the end is in sight!
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  14. Has anyone here still been watching? Season 6 has just finished. The last few episodes were wild, I was actually very entertained by it all dd. It’s so camp.

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  15. I loved this season more than any season since 1. I'm really looking forward to the final season. Cheryl is amazing and I really want her and Toni to reunite.
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  16. God I feel so sorry for the actors, were they locked into contracts for 100 years?
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