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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VivaForever, May 24, 2016.

  1. Barb is back.
  2. [​IMG]

    I don't know why, but I want to watch this show now.
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  3. I loved the recent episode! I really love the feel it has, and the music is perfect.
  4. Does the CW have expensive promos? I'd love to see new trailers like how Degrassi did for these last few years. Same Ol Mistakes, anyone?
  5. I love this show so much.
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  6. Are we all in agreement that Veronica is the best? (and Kevin potentially the worst? Get your shit together Kevin and be a character not a stereotype/opportunity for the writers to fill in the blanks of the plot)
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  7. jtm


    I haven't liked a show that much in quite some time. Really hope they keep up the quality. Kevin is growing on me too.
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  8. It's all about Veronica, Betty and Cheryl.
  9. Yas at
    Dilton, Ethel and Chuck
    all getting reasonably substantial subplots this week!
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  10. "Alice Cooper, no longer lactose intolerant I see."

    Nnot the parents being messier than the kids.

    I love this show.
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  11. "When sluts are shamed..."

    It's so bloody good.
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  12. This show is everything I want.
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  13. I have plans tomorrow and is it bad if my first thought was "I'll be home before 9, right?".
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  14. A Big Brother/Bake Off/Melodifestivalen/UK Apprentice/Over-30s-watching-NCIS tea.
  15. I just started episode 4 and the key to making Archie look youthful is having him stand side by side with Luke Perry in daylight.
  16. You could put the Turin Shroud next to him, and it would look positively newly made..
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  17. I just watched last night's episode and it was a bit too bogged down by the scandalous relationship storyline
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  18. Yep, the Archie/Grundy storyline is the weakest in my opinion. Nothing can stop me from loving Riverdale though, the aesthetic and all the fog and the characters and the music... I can't. It's so good.
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  19. Also it was dumb the characters believed her domestic abuse story like...this woman lied about her identity and hooks up with students...what makes you think she wasn't the killer?
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  20. Archie strikes me as the dumbest character. I found it so cute when Cheryl snuggled up with Veronica and Kevin though.
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