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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VivaForever, May 24, 2016.

  1. Archie is the dullest character on the show, isn't he.

    Hello Skeet Ulrich, though.
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  2. The moment when Betty's mum opened the door brandishing the gun and ready to read for filth was the exact level of camp I need going forward.

    I agree with Archie being a weak link but that has always been his role. At least he's pretty.
  3. This show is such a delight, the aesthetics, the soundtrack, the teen-pulpy campy drama of it. Archie is dumb but thus far endearingly so, he has a good heart and abs. I actually find Jughead to be way more annoying. All the ladies are everything and super queer, and I love it. Also so here for hot dad Billy Loomis - how is Skeet getting hotter with age?

    I love the messy ass parents too, seeing all these faces I grew up with is fun.
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  4. I'm gonna need more Reggie though. That actor is fine as fuck.
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  5. I am LIVING for what we see of the parents, and I'm so glad the reviews turned out correct, when they said it's more Betty and Veronica's show than anyone else's, they are superb, as is Jughead. Next season they can start with Archie's death for all I care about him, no matter how pretty he is.
  6. Aw, I like Archie. He's not even half as irritating as he could be (Dawson Leary, Stefan Salvatore kind of irritating) at least he knows he's stupid bless. Like he's naive the way a kid who was an unpopular loser until he experienced puberty would be so I don't find him too tiring. I'm hoping now that Grundy is gone his storyline can actually get interesting. The actress who plays Betty is so compelling, for some reason. I'm a little in love and she's never the kind of character I go for normally. I really need them to give Ronnie a storyline though - she's my fave from the comics but they've denuded her of so much of her sharp edges in this version of the story, and I'm not sure what to make of it.
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  7. Skeet Ulrich had me frothing at the gash...

    Let me go rewatch Scream!
  8. I straight up fanned myself at this:
    How has he aged so well while poor Luke Perry looks a hot mess. Casting Skeet as Cole Sprouse's dad is pretty inspired though, I must say.
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  9. Thank Goddess whole plotline with Grundy is over. Skeet Ulrich got me good. I'm also waiting for more Reggie and get it Kevin, get that Joaquin!
  10. I still would theaux, I've always wanted a bit of Dylan!
  11. Is Luke Perry being aged up to make him look more realistic and downbeat as Archie's dad? Surely that turkey neck isn't real.
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  12. jtm


    I actually applaud Luke Perry for not botoxing himself to death. He looks exactly his age, and that's okay.

    I also now want Kevin to be my boyfriend. And we can have an exceptions clause if one of us gets the change to do Archie.
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  13. Just watched the first four episodes and I am really enjoying the show. Betty by far is the most interesting to me.

    I'm glad the Grundy storyline ended with her being painted as the predator she was.
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  14. I just realized revenge queen Ethel is played by the same girl as Barb in Stranger Things!
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  15. Really enjoying this so far. I like almost all the characters and the guys are hot. The gay guy is very ublikeable though, complete stereotype and bitchy.

    I wish if the girls were gonna get bitchy they would go full on camp. When Veronica stormed into the locker room only to ask him to take it down it was disappointing.
  16. I started reading the comics (is that off topic?) and it's cute. I like the art style. I don't really know if there's an order for all the spin offs from the main comics so I'll probably just go by release date.
  17. I'm confused about something. Are Jughead and Veronica brother and sister?
  18. As far as we know, no. But the way this show is going, there is the potential for that to be the case.
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  19. This show is absolutely fab. Teenage angst is just....the best genre.
  20. The show is a trainwreck but I love how they're casting some 90's heartthrobs to play the zaddies. Dylan from BH90210 and now Billy Loomis from Scream! KJ Apa who?
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