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Robbie Williams - New GH

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by OceanBlue, Mar 23, 2022.

  1. According to The Sun,
    ROBBIE WILLIAMS is one of the most successful British musicians of all time and now he is making sure everyone knows it – by working on a greatest hits album.

    I can reveal the star has been re-recording some of his biggest songs, with a full orchestra, to celebrate 25 years since the release of his debut solo album, Life Thru A Lens.
    With the number of huge hits he has notched up over the years, he will quickly remind people of his success.

    A source said: “Robbie is coming back with a bang.

    “This greatest hits record is going to be his classics with a big band feel to them.

    “Robbie’s voice is still sensational and when he is backed by a full orchestra it is going to be really impactful.
    “This coming September marks 25 years since Robbie released Life Thru A Lens, in 1997.

    “Marking this milestone with an amazing new greatest hits record feels really special.”

    Robbie said earlier this year he was planning to go out on tour before the end of 2022, which is expected to coincide with the release of the new collection.

    Those close to the singer, who has had seven No1 singles and 13 No1 albums since leaving Take That in 1995, said he is determined to tour sooner rather than later.
    My source added: “Robbie has big dreams and he wants this to happen as quickly as possible.

    “The plan is to hit the road at the end of the year.”

    Robbie was gutted after his residency at Las Vegas’ Encore Theater was cut short in 2020 because of the pandemic.

    He said it was that disappointment which was driving him to get back out there playing live shows.

    Robbie first opened up at the start of the year about making his comeback and now it sounds like the plans are finally in motion.

    If anyone can teach the young stars of today about putting on an unforgettable show, it’s our Robbie.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Robbie has today announced the release of 'XXV' on Columbia Records on September 9. The album is available to pre-order now here.

    Celebrating 25 years of Robbie as a solo artist and featuring countless Number 1 smash hit singles and fan favourites, the tracks have been newly orchestrated by Jules Buckley, Guy Chambers and Steve Sidwell, and re-recorded with the acclaimed Metropole Orkest in The Netherlands. 'XXV' will be available in CD (standard and deluxe), vinyl and cassette formats. The new version of 'Angels' is available today.

    Both the standard and deluxe albums will feature the brand new track 'Lost' – a moving song in classic Robbie style with poignant lyrics, piano elements and soaring strings. The deluxe album will feature three more original tracks – 'Disco Symphony', 'More Than This', and 'The World And Her Mother'.

    Robbie says: "I'm so excited to announce my new album 'XXV' which celebrates many of my favourite songs from the past 25 years. Each track has a special place in my heart so it was a real thrill to record them again with the Metropole Orkest. Can't wait for you all to hear it."

    The tracklisting is as follows:

    1. Let Me Entertain You
    2. Come Undone
    3. Love My Life
    4. Millennium
    5. The Road To Mandalay
    6. Trippin
    7. Bodies
    8. Candy
    9. Supreme
    10. Strong
    11. Eternity
    12. No Regrets
    13. She's The One
    14. Feel
    15. Rock DJ
    16. Kids
    17. Angels
    18. Lost
    19. Nobody Someday

    The deluxe album additions are:

    20. Lazy Days
    21. Hot Fudge
    22. Sexed Up
    23. More Than This
    24. Disco Symphony
    25. Better Man
    26. Home Thoughts From Abroad
    27. The World and Her Mother
    28. Into The Silence
    29. Angels (Beethoven AI)

    Visit the official store to pre-order your signed by Robbie bundle which is only available for a limited time.
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  3. Disco Symphony was the new duet with Kylie that’s been talked about for years, however it doesn’t mention that she’s featured so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
  4. He is the definition of cringe however I'll stan for Come Undone and Sexed Up alone.
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  5. I love Robbie ! The alt atwork consists of a different colour of the box he's setting and the cd ! It looks like the vinyl slots were all busy and they couldn't make different colours !
    Btw, the standard edition and the press release don't mention Kylie in Kids, too...

    Heavy on first albums, I see...
    1. Let Me Entertain You - LTAL
    2. Come Undone - Escapology
    3. Love My Life - THES
    4. Millennium - IBEY
    5. The Road To Mandalay - SingWYW
    6. Trippin - IC
    7. Bodies - RKTVS
    8. Candy - TTC
    9. Supreme - SingWYW
    10. Strong - IBEY
    11. Eternity - Greatest Hits
    12. No Regrets - IBEY
    13. She's The One - IBEY
    14. Feel - Escapology
    15. Rock DJ - SingWYW
    16. Kids - SingWYW
    17. Angels - LTAL
    18. Lost *new track*
    19. Nobody Someday - Feel bside

    Deluxe album additions are:
    20. Lazy Days - LTAL
    21. Hot Fudge - Escapology
    22. Sexed Up - Escapology
    23. More Than This *new track* ?
    24. Disco Symphony *new track*
    25. Better Man - SingWYW
    26. Home Thoughts From Abroad - Military Wives soundtrack
    27. The World and Her Mother *new track* ?
    28. Into The Silence - TTC
    29. Angels (Beethoven AI) - LTAL

    No tracks from Swing albums and Rudebox...
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  6. W2K


    Kylie is listed on the digital versions for Kids but not on Disco Symphony.
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  7. I hope she is on 'Disco Symphony', that's the only cocking way I'll be buying this.
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  8. Maybe there will be a single version that’s non-orchestral for “Disco Symphony” featuring Kylie.

    Also, it irks me it’s being referred to as a “Greatest Hits” when everything is being re-recorded. I am interested in the band version of “Millennium” though, that “You Only Live Twice” sample would sound glorious.
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  9. He doesn’t really need another Greatest Hits, but Supreme will always be that bitch.
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  10. Robbie always teasing the goods.
    He should sell a special edition, full frontal, uncensored cover and grab some more coin.
    I mean I'd much rather an album of new material but it's always nice to do a victory lap with the hits and top up the bank account.
    All these 25th anniversaries are definitely making me feel old though.
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  11. The tracklist is a bit random no? On the top of my head
    - Lazy Days being there instead of Old Before I Die (even if I prefer the former)
    - Rudebox being the only non-covers album snubbed. He hates the lead song but Lovelight was big
    - #1s Something' Stupid and Radio being snubbed while Hot Fudge, The Road To Mandalay and Better Man are here (?)

    I don't know, to me In And Out Of Consciousness was a great and comprehensive GH and lowkey should have been his last release ever because what came after was generally horrific but get your coins I guess
  12. Okay so the new version of Angels is a master piece, his voice is still so good.
    I never took much notice before but I do like a few of his songs. And the album cover? I'll need to buy the vinyl.
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  13. He is truly living out his TRIGA fantasy with that album cover. Good for her.
  14. I really hope there will be non-orchestal versions of the new songs. Also, I need Under the Radar Vol.4 with "Rudebox" leftovers (if they exists).
  15. I don't like when artists ignore whole albums for compilations like this. It would always be a great chance to reinvent something you may don't like anymore or never did.

    But maybe I am just the only Rudebox fan in the world. Like the album. Like it more than I like the artist actually.
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  16. Ah, I'm not the only one, it's my favourite album of his ddd

    I swear there was talk of a sequel awhile back but it never happened.
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  17. I never even bothered much with his albums but something got me interested in Rudebox.

    I stan She's Madonna. Don't know how the general opinion is on that one but I love it.
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  18. At first I thought it is unnecessary as he already has 2 Greatest Hits but the fact that he re-recorded all of the songs makes it interesting. However, tracklisting is odd, I agree - Lovelight should have been there and why not Go Gentle from a 2nd swing album, instead there will be a B-side from Feel single? Oook....

  19. I guess it's a bit like Kylie doing her Abbey Roads album. It'll be a nice addition for the fans but a non-essential record for anyone else. Those clips in that trailer don't do much for me.
  20. I love the alternate CD idea, I wish more acts would do that rather than do 16 different vinyl.
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