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Robbie Williams - Rudebox

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jonny Prez, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. That is brill. George W Bush should hire you to do Iraq spin!
  2. I quite like the song actually, despite very rarely liking anything Robbie-related. I think it's probably his 'normal persona' that pisses me off.

    Shit video though.

    And his speaking voice is so camp!
    It's the way he forms his Os
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  4. Thanks...I think?

    Can a mod (or nathanjay) please shorten the above URL? I love having my screen stretched to oblivion and all, but it's a bit ridiculous.
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    Sorry, I didnt mean to stretch anyones anything!
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    Johan Renck is a genius. Surely one of the most interesting music video directors around. He did a video for The Knife with transvestites in it as well, which is called "Pass This On" and can be found on YouTube (if someone would like to check it out).
  7. nathanjay

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  8. The Johan Renck video for Robbie is so, so reminiscent of his work on Pass this on, which is also a great song. I really like She's Madonna as a bit of fun; it's got a great melody and I think Neil and Chris were trying quite hard to sound like Pet Shop Boys again with that big pad and stuff.

    On the whole, though, I'm thinking it's all right. I'm not in love with it or constantly playing it on myPod, but not one I'll skip, either...

    And my mother won't stop on about Rudebox as an album. She really never stops, every time I see her. I think I might pop.
  9. has anybody else noticed that Rudebox sold absurdly well..

    Since when is 3mil + units "tanking" I know its Robbie and he is used to 7 million, but the album only came out 3 months ago.. 1 mil unit a month. EMI must dance around pictures of Robbie strewn all over their corporate office and pay sacrifice and tributes covering the walls with goats blood to have such a money maker under their belt..

    Not to mention the massively successful Close Encounters tour for Rudebox

    And yah Robbie has more then enough money to start his own label and do whatever he pleases with his music. If we get more Rudebox's I say more power to him. This album is one of my faves.
  10. RW "She's Madonna (Tiga Remix)"

    Forget Chris Lake, the best remix of this song
    has been done by Tiga! It turns the song into
    a seven minute electro dance experience.

  11. Re: RW "She's Madonna (Tiga Remix)"

    Where could one find this? Legally, etc.
  12. Re: RW "She's Madonna (Tiga Remix)"

    I don't know. It was given to me by a friend who
    got it from a file sharing service. If you can't find it
    commercially, look for it on a sharing program. I looked
    on Tiga's site and searched his forum and there is
    no mention of its inclusion on a release, or as a
    purchasable download.

    Disclaimer: (LOL) I don't support stealing, BUT in this case, if it's
    not commercially available, i don't see the harm.
  13. Re: RW "She's Madonna (Tiga Remix)"

    Is it from a live set? Maybe that's why it's not available on CD or for d/l? I'm definitely interested's a very remix-friendly track.
  14. vasilios

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    Re: RW "She's Madonna (Tiga Remix)"

    Or fake?
  15. Re: RW "She's Madonna (Tiga Remix)"

    This is not a case of mistaken identity is it, as Tiga has remixed Blackstrobe's Me and Madonna?

    If not, I'd love to get my hands on it.
  16. Re: RW "She's Madonna (Tiga Remix)"

    Blackstrobe's Me and Madonna is a fantastic dance track. I like the Justin bootleg version they always show on Q TV.
  17. No.17 in the midweeks... Come on folks, popjustice needs to be done here!
  18. Re: RW "She's Madonna (Tiga Remix)"

    The Tiga remix is the only version I listen to now. I deleted the original album version from my iPod. It's a good remix as it hasn't stripped the original's spirit or feel. There are more laser and Pet Shop Boys-ish 'aaahhs' in it as well.
  19. Except EMI thought it would sell 7million, so ploughed that amount of money into the project.

    Which it hasn't made back.

    And now they are in the shit and about to be bought by a smaller record company. Which is not a good thing.

    And the midweek is even more disasterous, both for Robbie and for the Pet Shop Boys - another excuse for Parlophone to pencil in their imminent departure.
  20. Hmmmm. Whose fault is this? Parlophone spent huge money and they shoulder no blame? I can list 5 major things that were done wrong and none of them are "the album is shit" (though there IS some shit on it - it should have been trimmed). I think they should have realized Robbie was falling apart on his tour before they penciled that CD in for the end of the year. Chris Martin had the clout to stop his label from forcing an early release. Robbie was not so strong.

    He'll be back if he wants to.

    There is a theme to all these threads lately yes?
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