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Robert Miles R.I.P.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by little ern, May 10, 2017.

  1. One & One always reminds me of the last year I was driven to school in the mornings and it would always turn up on the car radio, such a classy song for the time, I loved those 3 minutes. Fable and Children were great too.

  2. Children is one of those songs that transcends music and just elevates itself to something other than. It'll no doubt be remembered and played for decades to come still. A classic. For me however, it's One & One that really resonates. From the punchy, bold as brass opening bars, there's just something regal about it. Maria Nayler should have been huge on the back of this. A thoroughly wonderful piece of music and it still sounds fresh today as it did at the end of the disco nights of Christmas 1996. RiP.
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  3. 'One & One' reminds me of finishing high school. It would have been one of the first new tracks I heard after finishing my last exam.
  4. Was this the US video because it's more literal for 'Children'? I'd never seen it before:

  5. Oh my... I just saw this single sleeve on discogs, from 1997:

  6. If it had featured Joni instead of Kathy Sledge, that would have been even more unsettling.
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  7. For anyone interested.... All of his singles [for his 96-98 era] were online except for One & One which was regionally restricted to Italy. Managed to get it lifted yesterday

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