Robyn - Honey

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I see your point regarding the production, and the stabbing bass line really does emphasise that tight fist rage she must be feeling.
The version of Body Talk I own features the radio version, I’m used to that version, so that’s probably why I prefer it, I do love the detail in the mix, that’s what I miss when I listen to the original version.
The radio mix is cute but it absolutely pales in comparison to the absolute monolith that is the original.
I think you mean "indestructible monument".


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I love it. I love that she’s back after giving up on her ever releasing solo music again. I love that I might get to see her on tour. And I love that this might lead to vinyl re-issues for Robyn and Body Talk.
Literally couldn’t choose between the two versions, they each have their place. The album version feels much more like her original intention with the song, much rawer, but the radio edit was so lovingly crafted with all those little details and flourishes.

It’s crying alone with your headphones vs. windows-down car singalong with the girls.
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I have the album version, the radio mix, and then an edit of the album version reduced to the radio mix's length in my iTunes I think?
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