Robyn - Honey

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Speaking of remixes: I just heard the Joakim Remix of With Every Heartbeat for the very first time (I was not that interested in the RMX RBN project)...and it´s totally sublime!

Her transposed "heartbeat"-sample is amazing and it sounds so lush.

I too wasn't checking much for the RMX RBN moment, but the collector in me had to get my hands on all the 12"s. This Who Do You Love mix played at 1.25x is divine:
Missing U would make a brilliant album closer.
To me it feels like an opener and the end would actually flow well into the next one. I’d love her to start with missing someone, going on searching a replacement, realise it’s impossible so accepts the missing person as a higher power now and with doing this find a way to live on. The last song would contain slight elements of Missing You.

I’d love a fully thought out record like this to follow the (perfect) clusterfuck that was Body Talk. But at the same time just give me all the bops you have laying around Rob.

Also preferring Radio Edit is... interesting.
Just popping in to passionately state that the radio mix of Dancing On My Own sucks the soul out of it completely, & anyone who prefers it over the original 4:51 album version is a total flop to me.

I've hated the radio mix since Day 1 and I'm not sure there's a pop opinion I feel more passionately about.
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