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Robyn - Honey

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. From the descriptions and bits of lyrics I’d seen beforehand I’d assumed this was a love song or about sex. And on one level it is...there’s an undeniable sexiness to it. But, and not to get too personal, as someone who has always struggled with depression and insane anxiety, it hits me on a much deeper level than that. It’s a hopeful, almost spiritual really, song but there’s an undercurrent of sadness lurking just beneath the beats but...within the song at least...that sadness is okay. It feels at peace. It’s going to sound insanely cheesy but listening to this song through headphones is honestly the calmest I’ve felt in...years. Even if just for a few minutes. There’s just something within the its lyrics, the beat....that’s so incredibly soothing. I...honestly needed this I think. The world is so fucked up right now. But ‘Honey’ makes it...if not okay then at least more bearable...even if only for four minutes and fifty four seconds.
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  2. "At the heart of some kind of flower, stuck in glitter strands of saliva, won't you get me right where the hurt is..."

    One of the finest songs she's ever released. Love the little Art of Noise-style voice samples.
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  3. Well, I love it. More and more each listen. It’s perfect. Like someone said - a perfect marriage of melody and production. Just a nice smooth ride throughout the song.

    Super confused why there’s no vinyl... unless I missed something?
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  4. Wig found sticky!
  5. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Cool to hear the greatest song of all time today.
  6. Sam


    I ... honestly think I prefer the final version? Aside from it being far more fully realised, knowing now the back story and concept, and the uphill battle it’s been for her to get the song to this point... it makes the differences so worth it. And having all of that, finally, in monumental, swirling, suffocating, viscous and sticky HD... ugh her mind.
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  7. Same. And I fucking loved the Girls version, but now we've got the proper version and after listening to it about 500 times already, there is just no comparison.
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  8. Sam


    The little faggot jumped out

  9. I think this version works great with the scene, like it’s devastating and sentimental in its own way, but I don’t know if I’d be as into it as much on its own.
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  11. Yeah, I can't stop listening to this. Easily one of the best things she's ever done.

  12. Fully agreed, the Girls version fully served it's purpose for the show it was used on and it was gorgeous, but as a solitary entity Robyn has delivered what the song needed to be. She knew what she was doing and it's an interesting look into the process of how a song devellops, but this final version of the song breathes, soars and pulsates steadily and free. A glorious continuation of form as far as I'm concerned. I love how it's also just there, and doesn't demand to be a song, structured and polished, like it's forming right there in front of you, organic and lush. Long time since a song intruiged me and crept under my skin in such a way, discovering new layers and sounds upon every listen!
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  13. Honey has moistened and sweetened my morning.
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  14. What a perfect piece of music. May no artist ever record anything ever again.
  15. Can we appreciate that the gays were teasing the “Girls” version yet it turned out to be less than 2 minutes long with the dialogue left in? What even was the point. The things people do for 5 minutes of clout on the Internet, huh. Let me go back to bopping to the masterpiece which is the final version.
  16. The final version is absolutely and positively SUBLIME.

    But don’t get it twisted. I will happily hack into her hard drive to get that Café Del Mar trancey version from GIRLS too. Please and thank you.
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  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Is there a place to download the single edit that's up on Spotify in addition to the album mix?
  18. so happy we finally have HONEY - what a magical bop - THANK YOU ROBYN
  19. I wasn't expecting my life to change today, but it did honey!
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