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Robyn - Honey

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. This was basically my central heating for the winter of late 2008/early 2009 -

  2. Can we just agree that everyone prefers "Handle Me" [Uncensored], which is the new track we've all been waiting for? ~
    @eddy2375 yas, bop
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  3. Part of me wishes the trance elements like the strings and the ‘aaaaand the waaaves...’ were still here somewhat but I think someone hit the nail on the head when they said this change is for the better in the long run. ‘Missing U’ wore thin almost immediately for me, but ‘honey’ is unravelling so slowly.
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  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Missing U and Honey are both brilliant but not as Earth-shattering as most of her back catalogue; it's just so amazing to have her back.
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  5. Has this been posted yet? Great long read from Laura Snapes on Robyn's impact on pop music.

    Some really interesting bits in there, including this:
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  6. I haven’t stopped listening to the song since Wednesday. In fact, I want my Honey more and more.
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  7. Girls, I got wicked high last night and listened to "Honey" a bunch of times with its weird music video and now I'm in love with this song like never before.
  8. I get high from this song, no other substances needed.
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  9. Is it? Both “Honey” and “Missing You” remind me of Robyn.

    She’s a decent songwriter, but her secret weapon is her voice. It’s still so comforting, and whenever it’s paired with a great melody, she strikes gold.
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  10. This is literally one of my top played songs. Such a great addition to an already great song
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  11. Played Honey at work, half my coworkers are metal heads and Grateful Dead jam band types, and they asked me to repeat it twice. Ha impact
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  12. So who’s playing the stupidly annoying secret gig game in a desperate effort for a ticket?
  13. Dream On is so much better than.
  14. ??
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  15. Here for all that Robyn has to give. Honey is otherworldly!
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  16. So I'm trying to find an interview from a few years back, that I would like to watch again now that we know she was going through so much pain at the time. I don't remember a ton of things about it, besides that it consisted of a female journalist interviewing her about her entire career, and that they were sitting at a restaurant. I'm not confident the last bit is right, either way does that sound familiar to some of you?
  17. Is it this?

    (It won't play for me though.)
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  18. Looks like this is the one I'm looking for, thanks so much! The video gets stuck when I try to play it though, and it seems like it has been removed from VICE's youtube channel. Weird.
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  19. I've sent a quick tweet to the interviewer, let's see if she gets back to me.
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  20. Robyn was there at Watergate so she's exactly the kind of pop star we need right now.
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