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Robyn - Honey

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. I keep returning to Missing U, I wouldn’t be lying by saying it’s the only song released this year that I’ve truly loved / connected with and obsessed over, that doesn’t happen very often anymore.
    Honey is growing on me.
  2. My gym is blasting Honey. First time I hear it public. It’s amazing.

    We’re in the month of a new Robyn album. Heaven.
  3. Mine was playing a Missing U remix yesterday, queen of cardio. Never had this kind of nutrition AND active lifestyle.
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  4. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    PSA: Robyn Is Here still slaps.
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  5. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Also, out of curiosity does anyone know if Love Is Free was planned to be a full album prior to Christian's death? Robyn was certainly working on these tracks for a long time, performing some of them when she was promoting Do It Again. I know they canceled the full tour after one date, but wouldn't it have been fascinating to have gotten a full body of work?
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  6. ‘Lose Control’ is still that bop. I wouldn’t have minded an expanded project from them.
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  9. I keep coming to MissingU. I kind of forgot about Honey or been bothered about it.
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  10. Both tracks are 10/10.
  11. I feel like both tracks are exactly what I love about Robyn: emotional, timeless, dance tracks that I can throw on when I'm in the mood. I'm obsessed. The aesthetic of this era is amazing as well.
  12. This album will leave no eye dry I guess.
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  13. Honey is both the most erotic, almost pornographic, and the most earnestly sentimental, emotional song I've heard in years. Depending on how I listen to it. I love Robyn. She truly always has what I want.
  14. "Honey" is about getting your pussy ate right?

    I liked it on first listen, but now that I've actually properly listened to the lyrics and seen the lyric video I love it even more. She's 2/2 for me. Can't wait for the album.
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  15. Holy moly that was too much!
  16. Robyn was better the last time around.

    And even after that Do It Again was better.

    Still two 10/10 songs within a catalogue that’s mostly unparalleled.
  17. Is that not what it's about? My bad!
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  18. Is she trolling us and not releasing the album on vinyl?
  19. Duh.
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  20. MiniDisc exclusive. Kiii.
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