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Robyn - Honey

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. RJF


    I like that her Instagram post about the London dates said it reminded her how much she loves playing in the UK. THEN DO IT MORE HEN.
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  2. If she doesn’t do (or even dare remove) Love Is Free at Primavera in May, since it’s a condensed one hour show - I will scream with murderous rage.

    And don’t you whores @ me with the Rihanna “Well don’t come” tweet.
  3. Robyn is such a gem - she also has two gems as nipple decorations. Iconic.
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  4. I was off to the right hand side, maybe about a third back from the stage. Everything sounded a little soft and squidgy and I struggled to make a lot of the instrumentation out.
  5. I just remembered I kind of yelped in the first 'This is hardcore' in 'Indestructible' like my body couldn't quite cope with the emotions I felt.
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  6. Other discographies wish to be honest.
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  7. I ended up going both nights and truly the most ecstatic music experience of my life x2. "Love is Free" and "Human Being" (since when is this her saddest song?) were my highlights both nights in addition to the "Dancing On My Own" chorus momenT which I don't think I'll ever forget. Her energy is psycho. Being in that crowd felt like being part of some distant utopian culture you read about. Unreal scenes.

    If I had to have a complaint it would be that "Honey" felt a little underserved by its placement near the beginning - like it went off (especially the first night/when I was closer to the front) but it wasn't one of the moments like it could have been if it was nearer the climax.

    Honey might be my album of the decade now.
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  8. 2018 wants its album of the year back.
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  9. ddd put the pipe down sis, Honey dropped in 2018
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  10. Well, I still listen to it in 2019 - RELIGIOUSLY...

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  11. I am so completely with you. Honey was too early but at the same time it was perfectly placed. A reasonable artist would have had it in the beginning, the middle and as a finale.

    Anyway what made me quote this post is that you are so right about Human Being. The “the streets are so cold” part is literally breaking me every single time. What a sad core banger.
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  12. Help I can't stop watching videos from the concert.
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  13. Has anyone heard the acoustic version of Stars-4-Ever on the Record Store Day Body Talk LP release yet?
  14. The fact that she casually tossed Honey at the very beginning without any build-up when it's the lead single/overwhelming fan favourite from her current album is honestly quite iconic. It was definitely low-key, but she has the hits to do that and I got my life from the word go, so.
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  15. It's fantastic.
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  16. Share dad
  17. Wait, what?? I didn’t know there was a different tracklist. Any other differences?
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  19. Good luck, it was a Record Store Day exclusive.
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