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Robyn - Honey

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. Not forgetting I Wish U Heaven which isn't a standalone song on Spotify but is here at exactly 35 minutes in:

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  2. The song she mixed Wendy Williams into sounds like a Lone track from the Ambivert Tools series, am I imagining that?
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    She’s releasing two new remixes, one for Monument and one for Honey. She premiered both during the livestream. They were both incredible.
  4. Wow I love Avalon Emerson. What a treat.
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  5. Olof, Robyn and Monument. A freaking triple threat.
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    Another day, another magazine spread. A bizarre interview about her dreams for Buffalo Zine, but the best part is the photoshoot is exquisite.




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  7. LPT


    The Tiger picture! How prophetic.
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This is iconic?????!
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  10. The fisting one's even better.
  11. aux


    Today, her self-titled turns 15.

    What a moment. Truly a perfect album, and one that set Robyn's career to reach the legendary heights it has reached today - and hopefully continues with the coming years. Even though this is her fourth album, many see it as her "debut", since it was truly the first time Robyn started carving out the electronic sound she would be known for. I used to feel this way, but frankly, I feel like it does disservice to her earlier albums. Despite that, this is truly one of the most incredible re-inventions ever. The album still sounds as fresh as it did eleven years ago when I first heard it.

    The self-titled houses some amazing singles, from the evergreen UK #1 single "With Every Heartbeat", to the Cloudbusting inspired "Be Mine!", to the song that made Robyn go independent in the first place "Who's That Girl?". Singles aside, the deep cuts are as solid as the singles, "Crash and Burn Girl" being a clear example. Another deep cut that deserves a mention is the 2005 version of "Bum Like You", which is divine in all its alt-rock glory.

    As I've mentioned in the past, this was the album that turned me into the Robyn fanatic I am today. I am sure many of us here share a similar story. It has been so rewarding being blessed by her music since 2009, seeing her sound evolve from robust electro-pop, towards mainstream pop and now sensual dance-funk.

    Robyn is an album that only comes once in a lifetime for most artists, giving the artist's career a whole new breath of fresh air. I am so thankful that this album exists and arrived in my life, as it was a true eye opening moment for my music taste. Give her a stream today.​

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  12. It blows my mind how ahead of time the original cover styling was, those trends became huge like a decade later. The UK cover though, el o el.
  13. What an amazing album.

    My first memory of this era was coming across the Handle Me video somewhere online, randomly, when it came out in the UK. I did recognize her from her 90s hits, but had totally forgotten about her. Needless to say I was sold from the very second I saw those fucking brows. An icon.
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  14. I adore the original cover so much, the re-release’s cover is just hideous in comparison.
  15. How has it been 15 years? Just how?

    But yes - amazing album. It just wowed me as a teen.
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  16. *spams her about a Honey live album/tour film*
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  17. Sam


    Honey really is just that song that I wanna listen and sink into my sheets to after smoking a blunt

  18. Never thought I'd say this after the absolute horror of the RBNRMX years but… I want the Honey remix album.
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  19. Her “Robyn” is pop perfection. I actually prefer it to the whole body talk trinity because I never skip a song when I listen to that album. And it reminds me of overcoming struggles. It has a dear space in the place of where I was supposed to have a heart.
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  20. Perhaps an unpopular take but Robyn is her second best album.

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