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Robyn - New Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, May 4, 2020.

  1. This was so interesting!

    Also I'm evil but I laughed at the part where she gets asked about the acoustic versions, starts a sentence with "in recent years, acoustic versions have become… much more like…" and a lifetime's worth of horror and trauma from the C***m S***t version of "Dancing on My Own" passes over her face.
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  2. RJF


    She absolutely should have ended Part 3 with the acoustic version of "Dancing On My Own", since her own version of it is absolutely haunting.
  3. Cum slut!?
  4. Yes, did you call me?
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  5. aux


    The fact that there is a studio recording of the acoustic "Dancing On My Own" from the Live Lounge that has been officially released on one of Radio 1's compilations and she hasn't even bothered to slap it onto streaming alongside the acoustic version of "Stars 4-Ever"... I hate it here.
  6. Sam


    I bet you have it anyway though
  7. cpr


    Her DJ set on radio 6 is up. Bangers onyl!
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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    PHEW Teardrops, Freedom and Bruce?? Taste!!!
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  9. Nadine Coyle: The Solo years
  10. I feel like I saw it on Spotify at one point though, but I forget which country it was...but it’s not on Sweden’s now grr.
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  11. What kind of Katy Perry tweets.
  12. Sam



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  13. Yeah I replied, too. It's so milquetoast, at best. Between this and her being a fan of Sam Harris...
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  14. “Let’s öll come 2gether and eat IKEA meatballs” vibes.
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  15. Sam


    the way I read this in Trixie’s Swedish accent
  16. aux


    @FridayNight just brought my attention to this new interview of Robyn with SG Lewis... She mentions at the start that she was just at the studio and makes a small reference to the next album about halfway through. She says something along the lines that she's unsure what exactly she is doing with this new album, but says it would be interesting to make an album that doesn't have a lot of kick to it but still feels like a club album. It definitely sounds like an idea that would work from her, although I'd say parts of Honey did that already. Regardless, I'm perched at whatever is coming in the next decade.

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  17. An entire album of Send to Robin Immediately!? God, yes!

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  18. Released today. Fucking brilliant.

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  19. Is it though...
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