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Robyn - New Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, May 4, 2020.

  1. Yes.
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  2. Impact will be featured on SG Lewis’ new album.

  3. Ms Carlsson is headlining Way Out West in Sweden next August so we're almost definitely getting a new era at some point before then.

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  4. Or it’s a one-off gig, and we’ll have to wait for another 5 years for the album.
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    I've said it before in this thread but I really think the wait for her next album isn't going to be as long as it was for Honey. We know she has been essentially stuck to her home studio during most of the pandemic, has spoken about recording off-shoots from Honey and playing new material to Max Martin... The list goes on.
  6. I saw Woodkid post a story with Robyn in it on Instagram. The dream it would be to have them collaborate.
  7. if we get an album from her this summer.... I hadn't even let myself be excited by the possibility but I could totally see her taking advantage of a quieter year.
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  8. (I really want another DOMO club night)
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  9. Robyn is one of those artists from whom I just don't expect anything, but I'm then pleasantly surprised when she drops something out of the blue.

    This summer would be rad, though.
  11. Revenge of the dubs.
  12. I’ve been listening to Body Talk so damn much lately. I love the freshness and lightness of all the tracks. I usually listen to a shortened ten-track playlist I made, but they are all amazing. I also love the Swedish documentary she did while recording it.
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  13. This Brazilian influencer made a reels on Instagram with Robyn's vinyl and I am screaming fffff

    Robyn rainha latina
  14. Seeing Robyn live would be the ultimate way to say goodbye to the pandemic.
    Unlikely, but I can dream.
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