Robyn WILL release the album in Oct/Nov(juicy details inside)

-New cover/sleeve
-New single(K-Bitches)
-New remixes
-Special UK bonus tracks(not on Swedish album)
-Sweden gets a new single called GirlieStyle(under the name of Teddybears v Robyn)
As much as I love robyn, I feel like the ship has sailed on this one...

Its just been too long to get organised. Saying that, KB is an amazing choice of single, just dont know how it will be after its edited ??
The new track Girliestyle featured on a Swedish movie soundtrack last month and is Robyn's spin up on the Teddybears' Cobrastyle!

Seems as though BMG just can't resist milking the cash cow on Robyn! That mystery Robyn album that appeared on CDON a few months ago and subsequently vanished seems to have been an online-only release by BMG on Robyn's backcatalogue. Very strange tracklisting (with some bizarre omissions, possibly due to licensing trouble). Available on Swedish Itunes and other online music services!


Robyn - Det Bästa Med Robyn

Tuotenumero: 00000000000009358164
SONY BMG Music Entertainment

CD1: 01. Show Me Love
02. Play
03. Do You Really Want Me (show respect)
04. My Only Reason
05. Bumpy Ride
06. You've Got That Somethin'
07. In My Heart
08. Electric
09. My Truth
10. O Baby
11. Don't Want You Back
12. Main Thing
13. Underneath the Heart
14. Giving You Back
15. Do You Know (What It Takes)
16. Where Did Our Love Go
The album won't be released in the UK until the new year according to Robyn's management.

-New cover/sleeve
-New single(K-Bitches)
-New remixes
-Special UK bonus tracks(not on Swedish album)

All the above points are true though.


Which album is this? sorry i'm out of the loop. is it Robyn or Dont Stop The Music?


well, AMEN! this is too exiting. I hope it does ok. Although someone tried to ROB ME while i was listening to Konitchiwa Bitches yesterday (im actually not lieing) so i dont know if this is a bad ominous sign?
Richard X said:
The album won't be released in the UK until the new year according to Robyn's management.

When i spoke to DEF last week they said this year. This delay must be very recent. The album will be two years old by then. However, Robyn Is Here was 2 years old before it went international.
The version of Electric is the brilliant extended mix. The omissions are pretty clear:

Keep This Fire Burning
Don't Stop the Music
Show Me Love
Good Thang

None of the 4th album is there. Neither are critical tracks such as

Say You'll Walk The Distance
Should Have Known
Still Your Girl
Aint No Thing
Blow My Mind


Can't they do this in January / February?
This 4rth third sees so many major new releases, while the summer ones like Justin/Bey/Christina will re-sell thanks to better second singles so many acts will suffer of that.


As great as the new logo is... where the heck has the amazing old site been bumped off to?! Lucky I downloaded the mixes of Be Mine from it last week! That was such a fun site.. navigating around Robyn.

Anyway, this is way fun. If she promotes in Ireland I am so on for a stalking fest
ok, bad choice KB, "BE MINE" Is the perfect choice, KB doesnt really have much to say but this is my record label name, and bla bla.. im spoofing gwens hirijuki girls, i think BE MINE, will go #1 worldwide.
Germany is also planned. There are two labels from the U.S who are interested. They however are waiting to see how it pans out in the UK. A tour is planned for december/late nov.