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Rochelle - All Night Long (Bop Queen)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laurence, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. I randomly found this on an iTunes blog I think or when I heard it on Dutch radio. It's a bop!

    Rochelle - All Night Long

    First time I saw the vid though. Where are her titties?


    The new Dutch Sharon Doorson, Eva Simons, etc.
  2. You're right tis a bop!

  3. Oh she's this Rochelle

    That was my 2012 BOP!
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  4. Queen is back with more island vybz
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  5. This is like our personal PJ thread Vas. Got any other new bops?
    I live.
  6. She's back with another bop.
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  7. Now we know 'where the bops doe'.
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  8. this song was huge in greece last year...the uk misses out on so many bops
  9. Which one sis, I'm greek.
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  10. i heard it a lot on radio 1 rodos
  11. Iconic. I need to buy the songs... Cuz they are not online at all.
  12. Spotify sis.
  13. Don't Let Me Go is a total bop. I'll definitely check out more of her stuff.
  14. BOP again
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  15. Total bop, if a little short.

    I love everything I've heard from her so far.
  16. There's more bops, I'll find them and post them! I know but I haven't put it together in a while.
    Need more bops.
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