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Rochelle Jordan - Play With The Changes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Island

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    @ohnostalgia @R92 @Jersey @Mr.Arroz @xOJakeXo

    Listen to this groovy R&B album. Her voice kinda sounds like Kelly Rowland mixed with Kelela with a dash of Katy B. Fans of all three, Dawn Richard, Roses Gabor, and Nao would love this.
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  2. So far this is a very accurate tree of artists to reference and I'm barely into the first song. Already love Love You Good!
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  3. Yet another impeccable track (I wouldn't want to be on Instagram when Azealia hears it though).

    The album is incredible through and through. Great job, Rochelle!
  4. 3Xs


    Wow this is excellent. Definitely getting heavy Kelela vibes but a bit more dancefloor-focused.
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  5. Number 1 on my album of the year list like a bullet. What an extraordinary piece of work.
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  6. This new album is amazing.
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  7. Pitchfork gave it a 7.

    I'm not sure I see what the author means when she says the album sounds like a time-capsule of "moody 2010s R&B". Bar the Disclosure-esque "Dancing Elephants", I don't see what she means by 2010s. This album isn't even really R&B (except maybe "Nothing Left", which is my least favorite given how old-Rochelle it sounds).

    I honestly think such an original, visionary album deserves more than this (although I'm relieved she's got that type of exposure). Rochelle's producers are the perfect formalists for her to instill her emotions. "Broken Steel" is a masterclass on turning sound materials into a matching songwriting theme.
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  8. The album is absolutely fantastic, blown away. Giving me Take Me Apart vibes in the best way possible.
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  9. OspreyQueen

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    Add me to the list of stans for this album. I love every track but Dancing Elephants is transcendental.

    And I am very tempted to move this thread to P&J after all, I feel like she could be a new forum fave if more people knew about her
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  10. Please do, she needs it. This album just keeps on giving.
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  11. A move to Pop & Justice would be more than welcome. I've been obsessed with the new album, which is already an AOTY contender. Machinedrum & co brought their A game production wise, and I love how much Rochelle's delivery slides in perfectly whether she finds herself in a house landscape, or something more R&B or even atmospheric-ish. A perfect pairing.
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  13. I feel like Rochelle is such an intuitive formalist: whenever she hears the most complicated and metallic soundscapes, she just inhabits them with both ease and dexterity. I remember her saying on Twitter years ago that she thought "Breakdown" was Mariah's most complicated song. I can see the interest in her vocal delivery now. The vocal flows on "Count It" are just next level, and to think she comes up with all of this alone. She can just compete with any rhythm.

    Maybe it's time to change the thread name? Even though "How U Want I" still slaps and makes for a nice addition to an already impeccable album.
  14. This new album is simply amazing. The vocals, the production, the melodies. Ugh
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  15. I remember her 2013 bops also slapping.
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  16. I remember Jessie Ware being the one who got me into her music way back. Taste!
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  17. Album of the year contender, on repeat since its release. A big achievement. She deserves to be heard!
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  18. Cause I’ve been all over the world
    Trying to find some penis that’s been here all along

    Can't unhear
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  19. [​IMG]

    These pics scream AOTY. Kill it Rojo.
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