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Rock remixes of songs

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by maneater83, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. what do you all think of rock versions of pop songs?
    I have come across this amazing youtube site with rock versions of Britney, laga gaga, nelly furtado etc songs...

    what you all think?
  2. I'll get back to this later.
  3. In principle I'm in favour of them, it'd add some variety to the endless stream of repetitive dance remixes, but more often than not, when they are done they aren't done well. That being said some of the ones on that youtube account are very good.
  4. Even though the rock version came first, my first gasp of En Vogue covering Jingle Bells was the 'Euro Mix' which is just the best comedy dance remix 'ever'. The original version also on the same Christmas album is the closest they ever got to a Free Your Mind Part II.

    You can't beat Kate's original, but Hounds of Love covered by the Futureheads is pretty decent and retains enough of the original's dillema; but since it doesn't have Kate's 'thrrrrrooooow them in the lake' it just makes me can't wait to put her defining version on. The Klaxons' Not Over Yet is nowhere near as good as the original Grace version, unless watching the video..
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  6. I often amuse / horrify my friends by extolling the 'Rock Remix' of Big Brovaz - OK


    It does not exist on youtube. *sob*
  7. I actually love the rock remixes, things such as the Travis Barker version of Umbrella and Jason Nevins remixes of Break The Ice and Bleeding Love.
  8. Depends on the version, of course. I thought that Lacuna Coil's version of 'Enjoy The Silence' was superb, partly because they didn't mess too much with the song. They just added more guitars.
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