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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jayjay, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Full thing streaming on their website, wide release tomorrow. In addition to completely fucking up my life right now (I would sustain mortal injury for Susanne Sundfør), the new song is accompanied by a completely amazing batch of character-inspired Spotify playlists.
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  2. Perfect.
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  3. I love this!
    Susanne Sundfor always sends me to Heaven, what a voice.
  4. Never Ever is bloody amazing! Ok, the chord progression is a little tired but that production and Susanne's voice is absolute heaven. I hear shades of Abba in the chorus, so good.
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  5. This is incredible. They never disappoint, ever.
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  6. What an unexpected gift for a Friday morning! Love this
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  7. I love it, but at the risk of sounding like a typical stan, where is their collaboration with Jonna Lee?
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  8. This is brilliant, amazing melody and exquisite production. Susanne's delivery is a bit pedestrian compared to what we're used to from her, but I appreciate that she commits to doing the melody justice instead of overusing her vocal chops. Can I say that the song reminds me of Girls Aloud (especially Untouchable, I could even hear their voices on the song), or is that considered blasphemous?
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  9. This is really, really good. It's saved me from some other disappointing releases today.
  10. Not that I want to shittalk some of the other artists and conversations swirling around at the moment, but this is "warm disco".
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  11. This is really amazing. Also really keen on the Jonna Lee collab.
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  12. This is incredible. Huge.
  13. This is really good!
  14. I sooo want to listen to this but duty calls. I'm sure it's a masterpiece. My thoughts on it later.
  15. I posted in another thread that it's funny how indie girls like Susanne are randomly tossing out better pop songs than the first singles of main pop girls!

    Susanne has a killer pop album in her if she wanted to go that route. Royksopp is a good vehicle for that.
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  16. Holy shit this is everything.
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  17. This is ASTONISHINGLY good.

    I hate people comparing things that come out at the same time though, this is a completely different beast.
  18. Yep this is very good.
  19. I'm loving this gradual transformation of Susanne Sundfør into bulletproof pop juggernaut. Now we just need the wider world to catch on.
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  20. RJF


    This sounds like Röyksopp and Susanne Sundfør.
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