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Röyksopp - Profound Mediocrities

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Oct 6, 2021.

  1. https://www.vg.no/rampelys/musikk/i/v5wB0L/royksopp-avsloerer-comeback

    They've recently applied for grants for what is apparently about to be "their most ambitious project to date", which is either an "album or a series of singles that amounts to at least (i.e. probably more than) 20 minutes of playtime" that will be released on CD, vinyl, digital download and streaming. It has a sizeable budget, "several prominent vocalists will contribute" and they've also requested funds for global touring activities in 2022-23. The phrase "triple album" is also mentioned.

  2. I love that whenever I see an expensive-looking music video from a Scandi/Kiwi act I'm like 'government funding!'
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  3. I thought they were 'done' with making albums, so of course now they're making three at once.
  5. They listed some names as vocalists.
    Astrid, Susanne, Rebekka, Jamie, Rosie, Alison, Maurissa and Pixx. I can guess half the names but any idea who Rebekka, Rosie, Alison and Maurissa are?
  6. This is so tantalizing. I know it says "prominent" and I'm stretching, but if we get any feature from

    • Karin Dreijer
    • Susanne Sundfor
    • Robyn
    • Jonna Lee
    • Alison Goldfrapp
    • Lykke Li
    • Sigrid
    • Zara Larsson

    ...it'll be a guaranteed smash.
  7. Happy to bump into this thread with a big confirmation of things happening!
    They did hint at this months ago. Although I can't honestly say they're album artists, they have a very strong collection of singles on them, and stellar production even after two decades in the business.
  8. This project is kind of giving me "Junior 2" and I'm definitely here for something like that.
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  9. I need the song they performed live with Jonna to appear somewhere.
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  10. Right, she must be a given, completely forgot they toured together!
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  11. Norwegian government: Sure, artist! You can have money for your elaborate pop project that doesn't even exist yet and may not even be successful, because we support the arts and understand the value in both encouraging the creativity of our population, and of cultural export
    British government: lol die enjoy your poverty xx
  12. I love this! I live in Norway and this is so accurate.
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  14. Very pleased to hear we'll be getting more Royksopp - really glad they're working with Jamie again, and if the Alison is Moyet, I will be over the moon repeatedly!
  15. Self-quote from the General thread:
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  16. I would really enjoy another Robyn collaboration.
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  18. Y*s kings come through with an elongated and probably confusing teaser campaign that'll inevitably last far too long by the time the first single drops

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  19. I'm excited! Considering their albums are usually 50/50, this means we'll get 1.5 great albums!
    Their singles are 99% excellent though.
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  20. I want at least one (1) track as incredible as this:
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