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Röyksopp - Profound Mediocrities

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Oct 6, 2021.

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    "Profound Mysteries Remixes," out tomorrow.
    1. Impossible (&ME Remix)
    2. How The Flowers Grow (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)
    3. This Time, This Place (Township Rebellion Remix)
    4. This Time, This Place (Henry Saiz Darktrip Remix)
    5. This Time, This Place (Henry Saiz Downtempo Egodeath Version)
    6. This Time, This Place (Henry Saiz Remix)
    7. Breathe (Röyksopp Remix)
  2. I’ve really been getting into Röyksopp properly this year, they were previously just a ‘dipped toe’ artist for me. Profound Mysteries is a lovely listen through - even the instrumentals hold something special (my younger self would have probably passed them by)

    I love Astrid’s crystal clear voice and Breathe, but I can’t get into any of her solo material aside from the title track of her album after someone shared it in this thread. I was hoping Let’s Get it Right would be Röyksopp at their most dancey, but I’ll reserve judgement until I hear it in full.
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  3. "Control" out at midnight.

  4. "Let's Get It Right" should also be out at midnight, right?
  5. Doesn't appear to be. Maybe it'll come a day later like "Unity" did following the release of "Sorry" since both songs have corresponding short-films that premiered today:

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  6. This is such a disappointingly messy era.
  7. I haven't found Part II as exhausting - but I think Part I setting expectations for what the roll-outs would be like, and actively avoiding things like their 20 second teases on social media has helped. I still find the whole thing quite messy though since it's like there are multiple campaigns rolling out at once for the same thing, but none of it feels connected.
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  8. "Let's Get It Right" with Astrid S out at midnight - includes album version and an edit.

  9. Yeah after the first album I’ve given up on listening to tracks as they get released.
    I’ll just listen to the full albums once they’re out.
    The tedium of this rollout has kind of killed it for me a bit.
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  10. I'm also finding the roll-out extremely tedious and I'm not seeing what blowing what must be a sizeable budget on all these short films is achieving. A lot of these tracks would undoubtedly sound better in the context of the full albums too - Sorry and now Control being recent examples of that.

    Control is competently produced (as always) but so far doesn't do much for me.
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  11. Control is pure electronic heaven for me and I love every second of it.
  12. "Unity" being the only great track so far, huh. I fear what album #3 will be like at this point.
  13. Finally something to get properly excited for.

    Röyksopp and Susanne always create magic when they are together. Can't wait for the full track.
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  15. I placed my order today. Some people already received theirs so let us know how these two tracks sound.
  16. The way this is coming in four days dddddddd I'm honestly shocked.
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