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Röyksopp - Profound Mediocrities

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Oct 6, 2021.

  1. Apparently, "Breathe" is out March 23 - but the gap between "Impossible" and then doesn't make sense with how the roll out has gone so far, and I would've expected "This Time, This Place..." next as well.
  2. Where did you get the info on "Breathe"? If they were to follow the same pattern as before, they should be releasing a new single in every two weeks. There are 4 tracks between "Impossible" and "Breathe".
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  3. Someone posted that info on ATRL, but I agree with you - waiting that long and skipping the tracks between "Impossible" and "Breathe" doesn't seem to make much sense.
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  4. Looks like they're back to teasing, so I guess it's safe to assume something is coming sooner than we thought?

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  5. Short film early-mid next week, full track on Friday?
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  6. Another one - definitely looks to be screenshots from a video:

  7. I hate this dumb campaign. Defund artists x

  8. Impossible is A-listed this week on BBC Radio 6.
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  9. Out midnight.

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  10. This is great! A banger. Takes you on such a ride and the last 2 minutes especially are so other-worldly and hypnotic.

    I do wonder if they’re gonna keep releasing the remaining songs one by one every few weeks up until the album is out, and as soon as it is move on to the second album campaign of the trilogy?
  11. The visualiser is also out.
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  12. Whew, i love this a lot. The dreamy vocals really work and those last 2 minutes are so good. Feels like floating.
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  13. Love everything that has been released so far.
    Had a chance to talk to someone who accidentally previewed the album on Amazon Music (they removed it shortly after).
    He told me that he especially loved the track with Pixx and "There, Beyond the Trees". So there is something to look forward to.
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  14. Our favourite pair of teasers are back at it.

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  15. Enough with the teasers already. I sincerely hope that they don't repeat this with the other two albums.
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  16. It might just be me, but these teasers just don’t cut it. It hasn’t really invoked any “I can’t wait for this” moments. Just release!
  17. I hate teasers. It is not 2010, FFS.
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  18. If they were going for a fully fleshed out concept and the teasers made even some semblance of sense, sure, you do you Torbjørn and Svein - but so far this project seems based on a vague, non-descript idea of mysteries coupled with lots of random trolling. At least the music is still banging (well, Impossible and This Time… certainly is).
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  19. Looks like "Breathe" will be out next. Throwing out the track-by-track release so far.

    Here's the single artwork:


    Longer preview here: https://www.instagram.com/reels/audio/1135759037192852

    Seems on the Instagram app this will load a 30 second extended preview, but on desktop it'll load the full song for you. Sneaky.
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