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Röyksopp - Profound Mediocrities

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Oct 6, 2021.

  1. Oooh, an Astrid S feature, count me in!
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  2. Is Breathe coming tomorrow or do we have to wait until the 23rd for the full track?

    As much as I love the music I hate this campaign.
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  3. It's not out in New Zealand - so probably next week.
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  5. Very sneaky! Thank you!

    I was expecting more of a pop-like structure but it's clear that's not what they're going for with any of this new material. I like how moody and atmospheric it is, it feels slightly repetitive but it has that same hypnotic quality to it as Impossible has. I love when everything but that haunting synth drops out, it's so eerie.

    EDIT: Seems they’ve changed it so it only plays 30 seconds on desktop now too. Ah well. Release date for this is apparently Wednesday 23rd.
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  6. "I Hate My Shelf" short film coming tomorrow, 5pm GMT.

    "Breathe" likely to follow on Wednesday.
  7. I'm kind of over this campaign dddddddd But "Breathe" is the bop I'm most excited about.
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  8. Out midnight.

  9. Visualiser for "Breathe."

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  10. RJF


    I came looking for this thread after tripping into the new release and no responses to "Breathe" feels... appropriate.

    "Impossible" with Allison, however, definitely scratches that 2009 Hype Machine throwback itch that sometimes overtakes me. The icy, desolate soundscape, the cosmic vocals. Yas.
  11. Yeah, "Breathe" is out, and even jumped over three slower tracks in queue, and I feel... whelmed. "Impossible" is indeed the highlight so far.
  12. Yeah after a week I’ve tired a bit of Breathe. I love the soundscape of it but the songwriting and toplines feel half-baked, and whereas Impossible is hypnotic and wonderful, Breathe ends up stale and repetitive. Looking forward to the 2 Sundfør tracks and the Pixx one but then that’s it. I do hope there’s another 2 albums to go but lord they better change their approach to the rollout and teasers, ain’t nobody got time for this shit in 2022.
  13. Well I absolutely love Breathe.
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  14. Well count me in as another Breathe fan.
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  15. I do love Breathe but I grew tired of this campaign. They managed to create a hype with The Ladder & Impossible but it is gone now.
  16. The 2 Susanne Sundfor tracks sound amazing.
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  17. This entire campaign has somehow been both boring and exhausting but I'm looking forward to hearing the entire thing next week.
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  18. The whole thing has felt odd and disjointed to me, like there are 3 campaigns happening simultaneously hoping something lands with the Press R/Part 1/Red teasing on their website which seemed to indicate an episodic release that never happened, the short films and the songs/visualisers themselves and none of them feeling like they exist to compliment the other. I'm glad the album drops next week, but I'm not looking forward to repeating this for the apparent Part 2 (and 3!)
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  19. Talk about destroying any momentum, I haven't seen anyone happy with this. They could've just gotten their shit together and done it like ionnalee did. I would've been fine with a weird-ass visualizer popping up once a week for ten weeks, it wouldn't even have to be a music video or anything.
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