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Röyksopp - Profound Mysteries

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Oct 6, 2021.

  1. There are Senior fans?
  2. @2014
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  3. I like Senior, just not as much as I like the rest of their stuff.
  4. The way they’ve teased some of their best collaborations in years (Alison Goldfrapp!!!!!!) but are trolling with releases stronger than Nyquil.

    These indie electronica girls make me so sick!!!!!
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  5. The Goldfrapp collab is clearly next, probably coming in a couple of days. It's been the same with previous two tracks - a teaser, a surprise track appearing on Spotify NZ, a video, and a "visualiser". I don't hate the campaign at all - it's giving me iamamiwhoami, obviously a lot less compelling, but I appreciate the individual tracks a lot more.
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  6. I was assuming the same but they shared a snippet from the Astrid S collab few days ago. So who knows, maybe they are not going in the same order as the Soundcloud clip.
  7. It's not just "a Soundcloud clip", they were actually enumerated 01-30 on the website, with 10 or 11 distinct tracks in order. I don't see them deviating from it.
  8. 10 tracks, 10th being "Press R". As far as I am concerned, rhe idea of releasing all tracks one by one doesn't seem logical as people will start to lose their patience at some point. I can't even imagine them doing it for all the three albums but we shall see.
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  9. Premiering tomorrow at 6pm CET/5pm GMT/12pm EST/9AM PST

  10. Looks like the video is 1 minute 11 seconds long, so probably another situation like before - a short visual clip before the song itself comes on Friday?
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  11. This is Alison Goldfrapp, right?

    Edit: Just saw the Instagram tag. It is %100 her.
  12. I’m legitimately falling apart, this is a fever dream??
  13. Just knowing "Royksopp ft. Alison Goldfrapp" exists gives a younger version of me some much-needed closure.
  14. This is going to slap so hard.
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  15. Those synths and her voice are hitting my g spot directly.
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  16. Is it just me or does this sound like Alison Goldfrapp AND ionnalee?
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  17. This is going to tear apart my intestines from side to side and thrash me around like a cast member from Jaws, and I am ready
  18. The video will basically be a short preview, not sure when the full track is coming, since it's still not out in New Zealand.
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  19. I'm so excited for this song, it sounds massive! I've been hammering their discography a lot recently and diving into their first few releases has been a treat. (and discovering some never heard before gems!) I fell in love with them when I picked up their live album "Royskopps Night Out" in high school at a Cheapo in the used CD bin. I was never the same!

    My new hot take is as much as people would like to say 'Junior' was their BPG album, I truly feel 'The Understanding' fits that bill more.
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  20. Well it did it's job because I want the song now.
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