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Róisín Murphy - Crooked Machine (April 30th)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by michaelhird, May 31, 2019.

  1. Is the edit of Something More Spotify-exclusive? I can't find it on Apple Music and there's not an automatic upload of it on YouTube either.
  2. I’ve read you say this a couple of times - I really think it’s longer than it should be in its existing form. I believe the reason it’s the shortest on the album is because the song is actually quite short without all the instrumental breaks. The extended mix is great - but I’m perfectly happy with the radio edit.
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  3. Really looking forward to this; the fact that it's a continuous mix makes it all the better! The Vinyl's probably gonna house the extended versions (?) though.

    Both Narcissus and Incapable are two of my favourite bops released in the past few years and I like all the other songs too; this album is gonna slap.
  4. Something More is making me feel weirdly emotional this weekend.

  5. Something More is so good. I just had to preorder the coloured vinyl pack.
    Róisín and Jessie Ware are serving lately.
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  6. Collab, collab, collab.
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  7. I’ve been rewatching her videos this morning and two things occur to me:
    1) every single music video from Hairless Toys is, in fact, a serve
    2) her YouTube comments sections are, in fact, the worst
  8. I just love how everything is happening for her right now. The timing feels right for this album to be released and I hope more people get to know her and realize how incredible she is.

    Does anyone know if the mixes for all tracks are the original ones? I kind of wished a new mix for Simulation dd.
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  9. God I loooove this wig.
  10. Obsessed with Something More.
  11. This album is going to be a Cultural Róset.
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  12. In other news, Overpowered got to 10M streams on Spotify. AT LAST.
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  13. Word of mouth for ya
  14. It's the kiss following "Love it thank you!" for me.
  15. I mean it only took her 12 years... Iconic.
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  16. Interesting to see her recent music is being distributed by BMG. I know she complained about the workload of being a one-woman machine (excuse the pun) so I’m guessing the partnership is how she’s now able to release a full length project again. Yas delegate that admin queen.
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  17. What’s the deal with her videos? I admire her hard work, but we’ve had one official video for this era so far. The one we got for Incapable was questionably low budget. The music, covers, amazing. I wish there were videos of the same standard.
  18. See post above yours.
  19. Anybody knows what happenned to Demon Lover ? She teased us on insta a few months ago and now... nothing... I thought I read somewhere a brand new version of the track was ready to go...

    And could someone helped me... what are all those different versions of the new album ?
    What's the final official tracklist ?
    What's the deluxe edition ?
    Is that deluxe edition available on CD ?

    I pre-ordered a full complete package with a CD, an LP, 2 t.shirt etc... and one more T.shirt separated... but with what I read here.. I'm a bit confused. She finally lost me a bit ;-)
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