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Róisín Murphy - Crooked Machine [New Album April 30th]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by michaelhird, May 31, 2019.

  1. The same. Can see I’ll be busy with Audiowave making stand alone edits for playlists...
  2. I'm a bit of a Simulation purist. I've always preferred the original, uncut release from 57 years ago, but I grew to love the Roisin Machine version and I agree with y'all, the Assimilation mix is gorgeous. If only all our pop favs took this much care with their remixes.
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  3. The main album version remains unbothered but “Assimilation” is still great. I’m always here for different versions of a good song.
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  4. The previews are up on Beatport and it sounds amazing. I can tell that a lot of people will be pleased to hear "Kingdom of Ends" finally taking off!
  5. The previews are here. Thanks @NightmareBoy.

    It all sounds great. I love what they did with Incapable, it sounds like a Bowie Fame sample now. Shellfish Mademoiselle also sounds like a lost Moloko track. We Got Together is incorporated into Murphy’s Law so we didn’t lose that either.

    They’ve really dialled up the house and electro-clash vibes and it’s all so hazy and hypnotic. Ahhh, this is how you do a remix album.
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  6. Jealousy sounds fuckin' EPIC!
  7. "Kingdom of Machines" having a beat drop. You love to hear it.
  8. Oh my god that Jealousy remix coming straight from a Finnish DJ's hard drive in 2004.
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  9. Jealousy sounds like what Calvin thought he produced for Overpowered.
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  10. I need the unadulterated Sonic the Hedgehoggery of We Are the Law in my ears right this instant.

  11. We Are the Law. More like We Are Ascending am I right ladies?
  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Assimilation rules - I need all these remixes pronto!!
  13. It's brilliant how the way she is enjoying working nowadays also neatly dovetails with the way fans are consuming music: remixes, revisions, multiple albums per year, campaigns with momentum - they all give us exactly what we want. I'm so excited that she is in such a great place now.
  14. Kingdom of Machines and We Are The Law sound fantastic but the rest is great, too. Can‘t wait to make this remix album my soundtrack of this spring/summer.
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  15. I honestly don't know if I can wait another three weeks to hear this in its entirety.
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  16. Is this a digital (and RSD) release only?

    What exactly did I sign up for the newsletter for?
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  17. Probably to hear the information first.
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