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Róisín Murphy - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slimane, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Is there no end to this woman’s talents?
  2. Her life is like a dream - anything she puts her mind to comes true.
  3. That's exciting. I mean, I think she's already proven that she's a gifted actress in her self-directed Hairless Toys videos. Each one was a little cinematic wonder.

    Hopefully the same will be true when she has spoken dialogue.
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  4. Pretty sure I remember her mentioning she had a role the film Northern Soul, but couldn’t do it due to her pregnancy.
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  5. Only this morning for the first time did I realise Cry Baby samples Native Love… one of those ‘hiding in plain sight’ moments.

    Wonder if anyone’s ever made a Native Love/Cry Baby/Rippin Up the Disco mashup? Also wondering if there’s any connection betwixt Cry Baby and Rippin given they’re both 2007 releases. X came out a month later - not really late enough to have ripped ideas off Roisin. I would suggest it could be another reason (one of many I’m sure) for Ro’s saltiness in past years - but given Rippin was only a CD bonus track I doubt she ever heard of it.
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  6. It´s not a sample, more a very blatant rip-off tasteful homage. Funnily enough they had a Divine impostor in the Moviestar video. I still think they should have gone with Cry Baby for this video and single.

    I might try if there´s a good mash-up to be made with both songs. I already did this and this (amongst other things)
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  7. I‘m travelling to Cologne later today to catch her last stop on this tour. It‘s my 5th time seeing her live in general and she never disappoints.
    I texted her as a true stan stalker privately and begged her to sing Ancora Tu as an encore…cringy I know, so let’s see.
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  8. I saw her on Sunday in Utrecht. Such an iconic performer (though I was not that impressed with some of the versions she did, but hey, it's HER)
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  9. I accepted @fairhairedfool's challenge and threw down a quick and dirty mix of Native Love and Cry Baby. Both songs combined have so much cowbell that I eventually thought I was going to lactate!
    Anyway, due to the Divine song having so many edits and percussion it´s almost impossible to synchronize both songs with the (old-skool) mixing technique I use, which is live turntable mixing.
    There are some jarring moments when the whole thing sounds like the cows are starting a stampede.
    However, the second half is where it all takes off...and there´s a wicked moment around 6:00 where an echo effect turns "native" into "divine". I will never have that recipe again.
    Enjoy (or something):
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  10. I know everyone's talking about Kim and Dua and Naomi and Nicole.

    But here's Mum, special guest and performer, at the Balenciaga show in Paris.

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  11. Drop the new album, Ro.
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  12. Why does she not age?
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  13. She previewed a new track on Instagram, but she's taken it down (or it expired) sounded like another DJ Koze track but can't quite put my finger on it.
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